Monday, 7 December 2015

Blumain Organics 100th post!!

Hi welcome to me & Julie's first co-post ;) and what better way to start than with the blogs 100th post and a new Irish beauty brand Blumain organics. Every once in a while you come across something that far exceeds your expectations and this range has blown our socks off! Julie and I have reviewed some products each which we will tell you about here. As a special celebration of our 100th post Sinead of Blumain Organics has put together an amazing hamper for one lucky reader, entry details can be found at the end of the post. 
Julie says being an extremely busy mom with two very active young boys , it's no wonder my skin looks so tired and dull.
I used to have a great skincare routine but that has long gone out the window.
So when I received the Blumain hydrating orange blossom cleansing milk €19.95  & blackcurrant & geranium age-defy moisturiser €25 l figured now is a good time to get back into my routine.

The cleansing milk contains castor oil, alpha hydroxyl acid, orange blossom water and essential oils.
The cleansing milk says to rinse with water and remove with a damp cloth but I just used damp cotton wool as I always do. When I first applied it, the scents of the essential oils are very apparent & slightly heady. But that soon settles & if you're a fan of essential oil based products then you will be sure to love it. The texture is quite creamy so I didn't think I'd like it on my skin but I did. With just two cotton pads & two pumps of product, my skin was clear of makeup. It also didn't feel oily like some of these products can. 

I did splash my face with water before applying the moisturiser,  which again had a creamy texture, albeit a thicker consistency. It had a silkcocks base look when applying which I didn't like but it soon soaked into my skin, well actually my skin sucked in every ounce of product which I obviously needed & didn't leave an oily residue which these products can. I didn't get much of a smell of blackcurrant but the smell of lavender, geranium & Orange is just divine. The Moisturiser contains argan and pumpkin seed oils, Hylauronic acid, coenzyme q10, blackcurrant extract and geranium oil.
I have used these products for two weeks now & I can honestly say I'm hooked. I am telling everyone who will listen about them.
I have had bad acne since i had my second boy a year ago and nothing seemed to work. But since using this, it has reduced significantly. This is definitely down to the properties of the oils.

Clare says, this cleansing oil €19.95 has completely won me over, it has won a bronze "free from" award for being free from ingredients that usually cause allergic reactions. When I first tried it I thought it felt more like honey than oil and while applying it felt a little sticky going on , I then used warm water and a muslin to remove and then came the wow moment after literally just one use I could feel the moisture in my skin. Normally after cleansing my skin is sucked of all moisture but this is fantastic and after continued use has really changed the texture of my skin. it's also only very lightly scented so easy to use. The pump on the bottle is great,  I think it could benefit from having a muslin cloth included as I always think it's a nice touch with a cleanser ;) 

Sinead just like Julie is owner of her own beauty salon " finishing touch" in mallow, cork. Blumain organics was launched in June 2014 and to date has 24 products in the range. The products are currently sold from Sineads salon and through her website 
One lucky reader ( ireland only) can get their hands on a hamper just in time for Christmas enter through our twitter good luck!

Monday, 30 November 2015

Impress nails winter collection

Impress nails have just launched a new winter collection with some new shades that are even more realistic looking than the predecessor. 
The nails are shinier even more similar to gel nails and the colours that have been added are really versatile for every day and special occasion wear. 
My particular favorites are the nude (riot act) and grey (rumor mill) shades I think they look really natural and the type of colours I would normally go for. 

I'd love to see them mix it up a little and maybe add in the option of a sparkly accent nail ( maybe they will put my idea on file ;p) of course you can do this yourself by mixing and matching between packs. I've since been informed that impress do in fact do these packs of nails and I've seen a picture and they are beautiful ( I'll add it on my instagram for you) 
Anyone who has read previous posts of mine on impress nails will know I'm a giant fan these not only look real but I have personally tested their staying power. They can be applied in under 4 minutes and lasted about 6 days on for me just make sure you leave them on for a while maybe an hour before you wash your hands as it can affect the adhesive. 
These are fantastic for the party season as you can easily change up your look for each party night. 
Impress nails are available in Dunnes stores and pharmacies nationwide retailing at € 9.99. 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Boots Black Friday 2015

Check out these amazing offers for Black Friday from boots valid from Friday to Sunday enjoy x 

1.      BareMinerals Enchanted Garden Eye Palette: Go demure or dramatic with this palette of gorgeous must-haves for glowing skin, blooming cheeks, and captivating eyes and lips.

Was €36.00 Now €23.99 SAVE 1/3


2.      Smashbox Mini Double Exposure Palette: Each shadow changes in one of four ways when wet — amps up vibrancy, gets deeper, turns metallic or adds sparkle — the possibilities are endless. Was €19 Now €12.66 SAVE 1/3


3.      No7 Online Bundle #1:

 A selection of No7's most loved products. Contains 14 full sized products

Worth €267.50 Now €71.00 - Online on only


4.      No7 Online Bundle #2: 

A selection of No7's most loved products. Contains 25 full sized products

Worth €476.50 Now €139.00-  Online on only


5.      Save 10% on our luxury beauty best sellers including Benefit They’re Real Mascara Limited Edition: Mascara helps lengthen, curl,volumise, lift and separate lashes, with a jet black, longwearing formula that won’t smudge or dry out. Featuring a sophisticated matte-black tube and cap encrusted with Swarovski® crystals, it’s the season’s glitziest accessory!

Was €28 Now €25.20 SAVE 10%


6.      Paco Rabanne Lady Million Eau de Parfum (50ml) A fresh woody floral scent, Lady Million Eau  de Toilette is a multifaceted, luminous, fresh and transparent interpretation of the original fragrance.

Was €65.00 Now €39.99 SAVE OVER 30%


7.      Babyliss Curl Secret Diamond Shine Radiance Collection:

Exclusive to Boots, the Diamond Shine Radiance Collection features the new limited edition Diamond Curl Secret and Diamond Dryer – the ultimate gift set for professional drying and styling.  

Was €259.99 Now €173.30 SAVE 1/3


8.      Remington Shine Therapy Hair Straightener: When it comes to hair must haves, shine always comes top. To get an irresistible combination of sleek and glossy hair, choose these amazing straighteners.

Was €104.99 Now €39.37 BETTER THAN HALF PRICE


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Christmas Gifts 2015

Can you believe that it's Christmas again! It's my favorite time of year lovely cosy nights in by the fire and shopping for gifts! I am especially looking forward to christmas dinner this year as I missed out last year with morning sickness!
This year I have tried to cater for different ages as opposed to just beauty gifts although they are in there too! 

For small girls or boys I came across some beautiful Christmas themed books. I am such a book nerd my little boy is only 4 months old and already has a shelf full of books complete with some really cool dinosaur book ends (thanks julie!) 
This one is gorgeous one about Santa Claus visiting Ireland. Its a nice little story and nice to have some familiar place names too. I picked this up in tesco for €6

Next up is a gift for any man or football loving lady it is literally a gift for all ages from small boy to grandad! A personalised football from i was told that as footballs go mitre are really amazing ones and so a personalised one is a very special gift that will be treasured for years. The one featured here is a size 5 Training quality ball and retails for £30.
it arrives fully pumped and in a display box.
You can find all of the details to pick up one of these babies on 

I have a teenage girl to try and buy for this year, i really think its the most difficult age to try buy for as i think a lot of the time they dont know what they want themselves! 
I have put together two options that you could choose either together or gift seperately both of which id be pretty happy with myself so although I'm aiming at teens they really are a great gift across the board. 

The first is a gorgeous wash bag from the quintessential by collier cambell filled with some goodies from wetnwild. Ive paired these two together as young teens starting off with makeup will often choose a more budget friendly brand like wet n wild and this wash bag is so pretty and such a great size that it makes a really lovely gift. 
The quintessential is a wholesale company (featured again below) so make sure to tell your local shopsto get onto them quickly and become stockists.
Wet n wild is available in most pharmacies and dunnes stores nationwide prices for wet n' wild are from €1.99 to €6.49.

So also from the quintessential is this beautiful shawl\scarf  from their folk collection these colours are perfect for brightening up any Christmas outfits and their fabrics are fantastic quality. as the quintessential are wholesale be sure to ask your local shops to become stockists so you can get your hand on their fantastic range!

So lets get to the Christmas bit so every year christmas decor gets better and more sophisticated my absolute favorite i have seen this year is this pair of silver baby deer for on top of mantelpiece/bookshelf/window from this is not only a christmas piece i would be quiet happy to have these in my house all year long. 
These retail at £ 14.95

Some other pieces from the christmas boutique are this hessian santa sack currently half price at         £ 4.48
Red & White Wooden 39cm House Christmas Advent Calendar

And this lovely wooden  Advent house currently on offer at £22.46 

My favorite gift to get every year is one from the body shop its been a christmas tradition in my house since the time of their partnership with WWF in the 1990s  as always the body shop has teamed up with a great charity so you get to do good while getting something really lovely. This years charity is water aid and "With every specially selected gift bought this Christmas, The Body Shop will provide a family in Ethiopia with one day of safe drinking water"

the gift that caught my eye immediately is this one for the boys, the Maca Root Shaving Kit €39.95 its got gorgeous packaging and I think is a really practical gift too. 

The body shop always brings out a new festive scent ( I'm a massive fan of glazed apple) this years is frosted plum and I think the bath fizzies look like a gorgeous gift! € 20.50.
And last but not least. 

The new Instyler max is one that has been on my wishlist for a while at €120 it straightens, curls and adds volume. Having a new baby I don't get any me time so something that will give me a salon style without taking too much effort or time gets my thumbs up!

If I have missed out on any groups or you would like any more info or gift ideas drop me a comment or a tweet

clare x 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Flirty False lashes by KiSS

So here it is, my first post with sparkleblossombeauty 💜
I was asked to give these bad boy lashes a try & let me tell you I was pleasently surprised.

As I have long lashes myself, I have never felt the need to use false lashes but as I had a wedding to attend to, I thought it would be a great time to test them out.

At first, I found them a bit fidgety, but mainly due to the fact that my lashes have a natural curl & they got in the way. I also found them slightly too long for me but I just measured them & trimmed them to size.

I'll be honest, I didn't feel like they made a huge difference until I began to get compliments. And then I saw some photos. My eyes looked wider and bigger & excuse the pun but well "flirty" 😆

They did irritate my inner eyelids by the end of the night but I didn't trim them enough. So today I applied them again and this time I cut each one in half. I applied them with no issues and they looked and felt so natural.

There are 5 sets in the pack and rrp is €21.99. Lashes are available from Dunnes Stores and Pharmacies nationwide. 

Needless to say I think I am now a lash addict !

Monday, 26 October 2015

Mum & Baby : Multi use products

Hi all this post is slightly different than the regular beauty posts that I do as since becoming a mum I've found that I don't have as much time (as much being none!) To spend on myself.
The idea for this post came from a friend telling me about a cream her sister bought for her baby but now uses on herself. It got me thinking about how much time and money could be saved by investing in dual use products that are not only suitable but really work for mum and baby.
I have tested out a couple of different products for this post  I have only included the ones that I really liked as I want the post to only focus on what works.
I'm going to start with the basics and move along from there.

Simple Baby Moisturising Shampoo

You will start to see a pattern during this post that there is a very well known baby brand completely left out and the reason is I simply don't like it. So this led me from the beginning to explore other brands for baby essentials. This has been a great find for me not only is it really gentle on my little boy but since giving birth I've gotten a serious case of dry scalp! My problem with my scalp is that regular shampoos that work eg head and shoulders is just far to harsh on me at the moment. Well to say I am delighted is an understatement this shampoo has been great since first use it moisturised and stopped my itching ( majorly embarrassing thing to have ) I shouldn't be surprised as simple is one of my favourite brands. This one will be a firm fixture for the future.

Cussons Mum & Me Wash

I am in love with this baby wash it smells like a newborn baby in a bottle its just so warm and fuzzy that I just want to wrap myself up in it :)
I'm pretty sure I bought this to make up the price to get free delivery on a boots order but I am so glad that I did. I have tested a little for myself too of course and its a great wash that can be used by all of the family. I really like the packaging and the pump is so handy when you are trying to get baby bath ready you would be surprised how inconvenient it can be to have to open a bottle lid. So as I said although it can be used by everyone I am going to keep this one special just for baby's baths so I can keep the lovely feeling that I get every time I smell it associated with the lovely ritual of bathing baby!
Elave Baby Lotion

I'm delighted to be able to include an Irish brand in this post as I always like to support them if I can. So it isn't advertised as such but I have been using this and finding it really good for clearing up baby's cradle cap. It looks very messy at first when you use it for this so I'd maybe suggest using it at night and washing baby's hair the next morning as at first it goes clumpy and looks way worse but then when you wash it using a little shampoo and a soft cloth it just slides away. Of course this is also a great general baby lotion and very handy to use on yourself I apply to my arms while standing beside the changing table every morning and I have to say they are baby soft. It takes slightly longer to dry in than regular body lotions that mums might be used to but to be honest it is worth the wait as the results are so much better than what I had expected. This lotion is approved by paediatricians for use from newborn and it contains no (take a breath!) sulfates,parabens, perfumes, formaldehyde, alcohol & soap.  Its also a great price retailing at just under €8 a quality product at a budget price. This was my first time to use this brand and I am looking forward to trying out some more of their stuff.

Pure Potions Lavender Nappy Salve

This little pot of nappy balm is absolutely the stand out of the bunch, its like a magic potion that can be used for everything! It does so much it would almost be easier for them to only list what it doesn't do.
The only rule with this is that as it is a nappy balm if you want to use it for all of the other things you absolutely have to maintain a strict no double dip policy.
Once you keep to that rule it is first of all a great nappy balm that clears up any redness & sore spots within a couple of hours you just need to warm it between your fingertips before applying. This doubles as a really good lip balm for mum - again only if you keep your double dip rule! I also used this on some really stubborn dry patches I was having around my nose I applied morning and night and my skin was almost back to normal after only two days. I fell in love with lavender while I was pregnant as I religiously used waxperts beautiful body oil and I loved being pregnant so the scent has lovely associations for me. The salve is made with 100% natural ingredients with no perfume or parabens.
All in all a very good investment retailing at £ 8.99.

Bioderma atoderm nourishing cream

Bioderma is a French skincare brand that is new to Ireland, it is gaining popularity really quickly. I have tried a couple of products from their range which I'll be talking about in an upcoming post but today the focus is on the nourishing cream from the atoderm range for dry skin. The atoderm range is suitable for babies from newborn or 7 weeks depending on the particular product. 
This is the one product from this post that is aimed towards grown ups with the bonus of being suitable for baby. As I mentioned before since giving birth I have been suffering with very dry skin and having a new baby have not had much time to do anything about it. I have been using this cream every morning on both baby and me to combat the dryness. It works instantly and has a gorgeous texture that holds the moisture in skin but dosnt feel greasy. My absolute favourite thing about this cream is that you can use it on your face as well as your body which saves time and money! I must add here that this cream is suitable for use on dermatitis. The cream is fragrance & paraben free and the rrp is €12.50.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Voya Ritzy Spritzy

I was first introduced to Voya a few months ago during a trip to The Twelve hotel in Barna.
All of the products supplied in the suite were Voya and it definitely added to the luxury of our stay, fast forward a few months when I was asked if I would like to review Ritzy Spritzy I didn't think twice I was just like hells yeah they're products were amazing I definitely want to try more!
It also helped that I am in the final stretch of my third trimester and I was told that Ritzy Spritzy ( isn't the name amazing!) Would help to keep me cool in the hot weather, seeing as I feel like I'm on fire from the inside I doubted it could do me any harm.

So Ritzy Spritzy is an anti-ageing toner from Voya made with an impressive 94.5% organic ingredients the main one being Voya trade mark ingredient of hand harvested seaweed. Voya has very popular seaweed baths in Sligo which sound amazing and have made the top of my must visit list for next years summer holidays :-)
Voya prides themselves on the simplicity and honesty of their products and it really is something they should be proud of.
I tested Ritzy Spritzy daily for over two weeks before this review and each spray was as lovely as the one before. I used it morning after cleansing before applying make up and then at numerous times during the day to keep myself cool and just to refresh my face a little. The second that you spray it you get that luxury that you would normally associate with a salon treatment, one whiff and you can just tell how good the quality of the product is, I hope you understand what I mean by that? I find with lower end products they can be overly perfumed and just smell cheap.
My wrinkles are definitely less visible but I can't give all the credit to this as I am 39 weeks pregnant right now so I know my face is slightly more 'plump' than it would be regularly ;-) but I definitely notice it more hydrated which I will give 100% credit to Voya for. This worked absolute wonders for keeping me cool in the hot weather that we were having during the testing especially as I felt on fire from the inside out!
I was so impressed with the way that it kept me cool while giving me some luxury that the rest of the bottle is currently sitting in my labour bag waiting to provide me with some loveliness in what I am told is a tropical delivery room.

I am seriously impressed with this product and Voya as a brand especially because they are Irish, actually I may try to do another block of my beautiful Irish brands series and feature some more Voya loveliness in the future. Log onto take a peek and get yourself some of their products if they are all like the ones I have tried you will not be disappointed. 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Whats in my hospital bags?

Hi everyone
a little break from my regular beauty posts to share what I have been packing into my hospital bag for my upcoming labour! I actually cant believe that I am at 36 weeks already this stage has just flown around for me and with the packing of the bag is now getting very real.

Lots of hospital lists are already out there and have such diversity so this is just my version I will be bringing a bag for labour, one for my hospital stay and as a beauty blogger the important one my washbag! I am a FTM so there may be some bits that I wont use and others that I will send for so dont judge me too harshly! I am just going to dive straight in and if anyone has any questions re quantities ect you can leave a comment at end :)

Labour Bag

2 nightdresses with button down front if you can get them
Maternity Pads-green pack
Long sleeve sleep suit
Hat & Mitts
Socks (adult ones!)
Glucose sweets
Cereal Bars

Wash Bag 
This will be in my labour bag to start.

travel size where possible to save space

Shampoo- think I packed head and shoulders!
Shower gel - body shop vanilla brulee
Water Spray I've got LA Roche posay and avene and am considering adding in voya ritzy spritzy for making me feel lovely after! ( am I going overboard with these?)
toothbrush & paste
dental floss
2 face cloths
Lip balm - I've a Mia and Dom peppermint & lavender pot and LA Roche posay stick balm.
Simple moisturizer
Bioderma micellar water travel size
Hair band,clips & bobbins
Holos happy momma oil
Vaseline & sudocreme

All of this is housed in the beautiful eve wash bag from the quintessential .

Of course there is also my make up to consider , I will be going minimalist with it but I still need a little bit. It took me a while to decide what would come with me but I have decided on rimmel 25 hour foundation and my real techniques buffing brush for application, physicians formula happy booster blush its so pretty plus has the bonus of having a mirror if I can't get one elsewhere. I also would of added my physicians formula mineral wear powder but it got smashed and so would be far too messy :(
Next in is fuschia eyebrow kit and an angle brush for application, my rimmel scandal eyes mascara will also be making the trip as will wet n wild lipstick in pinkerbell to give me a pop of colour. So that's pretty minimalistic at only 5 makeup items especially when I imagine I'm going to need every bit of make up I can lay my hands on!

Main Bag

My main bag is mostly made up of very practical things

2 dark towels
Nightdresses & PJs - I got a tip from friend to get the button down front PJs, to wear a vest top with bottoms and then use the shirt part instead of a dressing gown for when I need it as in July it should be too hot to use gown.
Bridget jonses , lol you all know what I mean :-)
4 packs maternity towels
1 pack size 1 nappies - I've gone for pampers
Cotton wool
Water wipes
Cellular blankets
Baby towels
Muslin cloths
Baby hats & scratch mitts
8 baby sleep suits
8 vests
Cardigans- my mam knitted these as I couldn't find any and just couldn't get into the mind frame of knitting them myself.
Breast pads
2 nursing bras even though I'm not planning to BF
Flip flops
Phone charger-very important for all the showing off after I imagine :-).

All of the baby clothes I have bought in size 0-1 as at 35 weeks baby is already 6lb and I've been told is gonna be a big baby!

I'd really appreciate if you would let me know any tips or anything you think I have left out in the comments so I can add more to my stash :-)

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Mia & Dom skincare

Holding my hands up in apology as I start this post I'm a day late getting published! Had some pregnancy news that floored me a bit yesterday ( all good) :-) 
I've been testing these bits from Mia and Dom skincare which FYI is named after creator Jennifer's children which I adore and also wonder if there is a fast and furious connection?
I have tested out the calming baby massage oil, spearmint & lavender lip balm and the organic morning sickness balm.
As I am in my third trimester I have tested the morning sickness balm and the baby massage oil in slightly differ:-) ent way than intended but I think its good to show a products diversity :-) 

Calming baby massage oil
Starting off with the massage oil obviously as I am still pregnant it means that baby isn't here yet ( that's how it works ;) but I have been using this as a belly massage oil to soothe myself and baby when there is lots of kicking going on. Now this might be true I have no idea but I have wrangled a few lovely gentle belly massages from my lovely husband on the pretense that it is his bonding time with baby, I don't normally set out to trick but the massages are so relaxing!
This massage oil has a gorgeous consistency its just a little thick just enough that it doesn't run off your hands when you pump it on. Its not greasy feeling at all but just a small amount allows a good length of massage before it dries in. The massage oil also gives a lovely warming sensation while your using it. The oil left my skin feeling really soft and moisturized feeling very supple. I am very excited to use this on baby when he/she arrives and will report on that experience in the future.

Organic morning sickness balm

Oh how I wish I had this in the first 18 weeks of my pregnancy when I was suffering with hypermesis and living in misery! Fortunately the morning sickness went away but it does mean that this balm couldn't be tested properly for its true purpose. I have however been having a fair bit of nausea over the last few weeks not sure if its anxiety from impending arrival or if its from lack of space in my belly? So I have been using the nausea as a mild replica of morning sickness to test out this balm. To use you rub some under your nostrils and onto your temples. It has a really refreshing scent which I can imagine would help you feel better during morning sickness ( I used to smell Vick vapo rub!) So for a quick fix you could just open lid and take a whiff. I used as instructed and it definitely removed or greatly reduced my nausea, I have to admit I've been carrying this in my handbag not for any sickness reasons but just that I like how refreshed it makes me feel when I use it :-)  so although I haven't been able to comment on its true purpose I do like the balm.

Lavender and peppermint lip balm

When I fell pregnant something very strange happened , well actually lots of strange things happened but the one I'm referring to is that I started to really like lavender? it was my most hated fragrance before and since being pregnant is one of my favorites i have even used a lavender body oil the whole way through to combat stretch marks! 
When i saw lavender and peppermint in the same tin though i did wonder a bit its not really something i would of ever put together but i stand corrected because it is really really nice. You kind of get the refreshing tingle of peppermint with lovely relaxing slightly luxurious lavender. Its funny when you smellit in the tin too because you can definitely pick out the two distinct scents but they blend so well together at same time. THe lip balm is fab for keeping moisturised especially in this hot weather and this one has now made its way directly into my labour bag :-) 

I have really enjoyed testing these and will be rushing back to find more once baby has arrived to make sure he/she has lots of lovely things! 
You can purchase all of the products mentioned and more on

And dont forget to give them a follow on their social media accounts too 
Facebook: mia & dom skin care
Twitter: @miaanddom

Apologies im on my phone just putting in these details but once home later i will change these to direct links x 

Monday, 8 June 2015

Shop for beauty :budget beauty technic

Hi all sorry for the lack of consistency with posts lately but baby sparkle will be arriving very soon and is already keeping me very busy!

Todays post is a collaboration with new website shop for beauty specialises in cheap or i prefer budget makeup. They are stockists of lots of well known makeup brands e.g. max factor and barry m among lots of others.
Today I am bringing you a review of Technic make up from the site.
Technic is the definition of budget make up its price point is very low and so Its definitely accessible to all, I dont normally go this budget with my make up but was pleasantly surprised with it in particular with the eye shadow palette, read on below for my thoughts.

Technic Matte 6 eyeshadow palette £2.29

the palette consists of nude, pink and brown shades. Its probably the kind of palette that will appeal to everyone and that everyone should own one of as the neutral colours are so wearable.
To my surprise the pink a colour I wouldnt normally even try was my absolute favourite. It is a really soft powdery pink and looks absolutely gorgeous as a base all over shadow. The browns allow you to add definition over the base pink or nudes and as there are 3 different shades to choose from you can create a day to more dramatic night look all with the same palette. The palette comes with a double ended applicator which I didnt use, I am just not a fan of them I always use brushes and probably wouldnt even be able to attempt application without one!

The best thing about this palette is most definitely its value for money price It is ridiculously low priced for the quality and range that it does allow. On my testing It wore from 8am until about lunchtime 2pm which for a palette costing only £2.29 gives serious lasting in my opinion.

Technic Cheek sculpt contour blusher and brush rosy £2.95

I have to admit that I never really got into contouring and the little that I did do is the type this provides!

a bronzer for underneath cheek bones and a blush for the apples of my cheeks!
The blush comes with a flip up mirror and a little brush thats really useful for sticking into your handbag for on the go. The colours of the blush are very subtle so definitely for more of a daytime look. Its probably best for a young teenager just starting to get into make up but again at the price of £2.95 it wouldnt be out of place in anyones makeup bag.

Technic Slanted Blusher Brush £2.95

the final product I reviewed was the slanted blush brush, a bargain at £2.95. this is a synthetic brush and for a budget brush Its actually quiet nice. the brush is really soft and again ideally suited to a young teens first makeup kit. The only slight negative is that you have to use a bit more product than normal as the brush dosnt pick it up as well as others.

Check out for lots of other fab budget beauty buys. I love doing budget beauty posts and hope you have enjoyed this one. Im really hoping to be back with another one really soon x

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Spongelle Ireland Pedi Buffer

A quick blog post this evening I couldn't let the evening pass without posting immediately about the amazing Spongelle ireland pedi buffer. It has been a long time since I was this quickly impressed with a product. 

So with the gorgeous weather today my feet were in my sandals for the first time this year and after the day I was embarrassed to look down and see the absolute state of them! I've got 7 weeks left of my pregnancy and to be fair haven't seen my feet in a while so I allow myself a slight bit of leeway but I then remembered about the pedi buffer I've been threatening to use for the longest time. It has a soft side for cleansing and a buffing side for exfoliation. 
I'm actually so glad I kept it until now and I have fallen in love, it straight away eased my achey feet and made me feel like I was in the middle of a luxurious pampering session. Not only did it feel amazing but it has dramatically reduced the terrible look of my feet and made them look and feel human again. Excuse the yucky feet pics but they must be included for the sake of blogging! 
You can clearly see the dramatic difference in the amount of dry skin between both! 
The pedi buffer has 20 uses and I already know I am going to wear this right out. 
This is an absolute summer feet essential everybody ( especially pregnant ladies) should get themselves one. 
The pedi buffer retails at a very reasonable €12 and is available from Spongelle ireland - studio wax drogheda and a number of stockists nationwide. 

This is just a quick post to share how impressed I am but I will definitely be following up with a more detailed post including the fab success story of Michelle from Spongelle ireland x 

My Chelle Refining Cleanser

A few weeks ago I received this refining sugar cleanser from my chelle and I have been testing it since. This isn't the first time that I have pharmacyts from my chelle and in the previous post I have a bout of detail on what my chelle is about so if your interested in that you can find it here.

IN  my last post one of the only negatives I had about my chelle was the unusual smell of the products due to the natural ingredients, this is 100% not a problem with this cleanser the bottle says sugar and that is what you get! Still you don't get the sickly overpowering sugar scent rather a lovely mild sweetness that makes you smile when you take a whiff. 

The refining cleanser wasnt really like anything I had used before on first application it works as a really gentle exfoliator. I have fairly sensitive skin when it comes to exfoliation but have to say the texture and grittiness was the perfect balance between actually working and ripping the face off me ;)
So once your exfoliation part is done you splash a little water on your hands and start to rub over the exfoliator and like magic it turns into the most beautiful creamy cleanser. You can then wash off the cleanser with water or a cloth.
It leaves my skin beautifully clean and although slightly dry after nothing compared to how it normally is after using a scrub and certainly nothing a but of moisturizer won't sort.
As I've probably said before I love a multi use product and this definitely ticks that box not only does it exfoliate and cleanse but it has added anti-aging peptides and crocus chrysanthus extract to aid us in the wrinkle fight and finally  along with saving time it definitely adds some luxury to my morning routine.The sugar cleanser has a retail price of €24.95.

UNfortunately my chelle has been one of the victims of the closure of clearys department store and so the current stockists of my chelle is life pharmacy. 

LEt me know in the comments if you have used any my chelle and what your favorite is x 

Monday, 27 April 2015

The Quintessential Handbags and Twitter Parties!

Hi guys I am very excited to be back with another collaboration with The Quintessential a wholesale treasure trove of scarves, bags, wash bags, stationary and the list goes on!
I worked with The Quintessential previously when I reviewed one of their beautiful scarves which you can see here. 
Today's post will focus on a review of  the beautiful new season tropical bird shoulder bag from the Collier Campbell collection. I will also be showing you a wash bag from the Eve collection plus a chance to win some prizes from The Quintessential!

I must say I was very impressed when I first saw the tropical shoulder bag in person It is a real eye catching bag. The colors of the bag draw you in without being overpowering, It almost appears like the whole thing has been hand drawn onto the canvas bag. The  pattern is done to such a high standard and the detail is very impressive and like the colors used really draw you in. The first day that I wore this down the street I was asked by two different shop owners where it was from and when I explained they both asked for details to become stockists.

The bag is very well made and feels really sturdy, the addition of a board for the bottom of the bag adds to the solid feel. The fabric is beautiful both outside and in, the bag is fully lined in grey with a slightly different pattern to the outside but the same bird theme. There is great storage for small bits with the addition of some small zipped pockets and also a special string inside for attaching your keys to which is a godsend if your like me and your keys like to play hide and seek with you!

The biggest draw with this bag for me is how pretty and unique the design is, I am currently searching for a changing bag for baby no.1 and am a bit devastated that they dont do any in their range but hopefully it will be something that they expand to in the future.

The wash bag which is from their EVE collection and at w32 and h19 cm its a really great size wash bag perfect for travelling with your essentials or for use as your make up bag. This bag has a pretty floral design in cream, burnt orange and green. As a wash bag by far its most impressive feature is the wire going through the top opening which allows it to remain open while you are using it rather than annoyingly folding in on itself like all of my wash bags tend to do. I also love the washable lining on the interior which if using as a makeup bag is very handy and important addition to clean up spills.
Im very impressed with this and will certainly be adding more of these to my collection.

The Quintessential as you have seen above is a wholesale business and so we want to let all of our lovely local shops know about them so they will become stockists and we can buy all of the loveliness from them :)
In order to become a stockist you should check out you should check out their website

So what was that about winning prizes? Follow myself @clareken86 and @quintessentia_l on twitter and join us next Tuesday May 5th between 7-8 for a twitter party. We will be chatting about the Quintessentials new collections and there will be gorgeous prizes to be won!
To get a head start on being in for those prizes take a look on the website at the collections and tag some of your local shops that you would like to see the Quintessential stocked in, tag some of your friends too so that we can have lots of people taking part in our twitter party. For the twitter party we will be using the #thequintessential, for this time the twitter party prizes will only be open to Ireland and the UK but we would still love for you to take part in the chat.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Nia- calendula & orange blossom cleansing balm

A few weeks ago I started testing this Cleansing Balm from Irish brand NIA skincare.
This was my first time to use a cleansing balm although I have been meaning to try one for a really long time! 
The box contains a tin of cleansing balm ( I love the tin I'm a sucker for packaging) a wooden applicator stick and 3 cloths. 
The instructions say to apply the balm with the applicator stick and whilst this is definitely the most hygienic way I didnt find it very easy so I have been applying it with my (dry) hands. When mixed with water It melts into the skin and smells absolutely beautiful. 
To remove the balm you wet one of the cloths and remove in circular motion. 
While testing this I was really very impressed at the way that it removed the toughest of make up with only one application and no scrubbing I am talking about Estee Lauder Double Wear and Benefit Theyre Real Mascara. 
My skin has been left really soft after every use and has definitely been holding more moisture than normal for me. 
Im definitely very impressed with my first experience of a cleansing balm and even more delighted that this amazing one is from an Irish company. 
You can purchase products and find out more about the range on 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Blogging......or actually the total lack of!

So its a Tuesday after a bank holiday  which means a brand new start dosn't It? I have been majorly absent from my blog for the last while for a lot of different reasons usually known as life.
Im just about 6 months pregnant now of which the first 17-18 weeks consisted of morning sickness so bad I couldnt of typed my own name, so that meant my poor blog had to be neglected.
Since the sickness has eased up Ive been doing a few bits behind the scenes to get ready for some new posts and then BOOM  we suddenly need to move house and that was not in the plan. We were only given a little bit of notice and buckets full of stress but eventually found and made it into a new house and glad to say myself, hubby, doggy and bump are all settling happily (surrounded by all of our things in their cardboard boxes!)
I have a few posts in the pipeline and I am promising at least one new post this week (yay!) -that yay is more for me Im really excited to get blogging again.
Keep tuned on twitter @clareken86 and instagram : sparkleblossombeauty for updates

Clare x


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