Monday, 30 November 2015

Impress nails winter collection

Impress nails have just launched a new winter collection with some new shades that are even more realistic looking than the predecessor. 
The nails are shinier even more similar to gel nails and the colours that have been added are really versatile for every day and special occasion wear. 
My particular favorites are the nude (riot act) and grey (rumor mill) shades I think they look really natural and the type of colours I would normally go for. 

I'd love to see them mix it up a little and maybe add in the option of a sparkly accent nail ( maybe they will put my idea on file ;p) of course you can do this yourself by mixing and matching between packs. I've since been informed that impress do in fact do these packs of nails and I've seen a picture and they are beautiful ( I'll add it on my instagram for you) 
Anyone who has read previous posts of mine on impress nails will know I'm a giant fan these not only look real but I have personally tested their staying power. They can be applied in under 4 minutes and lasted about 6 days on for me just make sure you leave them on for a while maybe an hour before you wash your hands as it can affect the adhesive. 
These are fantastic for the party season as you can easily change up your look for each party night. 
Impress nails are available in Dunnes stores and pharmacies nationwide retailing at € 9.99. 

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