Thursday, 31 July 2014

Budget Face in Products 2

Hello Everybody! Hope you are all ready for the second installment of My Budget Face in Products series.
This series is 5 posts which will go live every friday featuring a full face in products for under €20.
Some products have been sent to me by the company and I will add a * beside them, my opinions of these products are my own honest opinions.

This weeks offering has a bit of a festival theme to It. I was trying to achieve a summery festival look and as the products all come in for €19.71 you can relax knowing that your makeup wont cost the same as your festival ticket and can be replaced cheaply if any of it was to suffer a misfortune.

For me festival make up is simple, easy and dewy with a pop of colour that might not make it into your everyday make up.

In the first part of this series I used the Wet n Wild coverall foundation and I have opted to use it again for this post to show how much nicer it looks when applied with a sponge rather than a brush.I used the real techniques complexion sponge to apply. Its a great option for a festival as its easy to apply and cheap enough at €4.99 that it could be replaced without too many tears if it happened to be misplaced.

For my Cheeks and Lips Ive used MEMEME cosmetics Cupids Kiss Cheek & Lip tint.
This is a great product, In my opinion  a dupe for Benefit Posy Tint. I love multi use products and for only €6.94 its a serious bargain. It gives my cheeks a beautiful dewy look with a lovely rosey colour, really summery i think. I also love the subtle shade it gives my lips!

For my eyes I wanted to add a pop of colour so i used bare eyes with Essence Kajal Pencil * in shade feel the Mari-time which is a beautiful sea green / turquoise shade that reminds me of mermaids! The pencil goes on easily and has great staying power it would definitely last until the next day. This is an amazing bargain at just €1.29 and is a must have liner for anyones summer festival make up kit!

For my brows I have used the MakeUp Revolution Brow Kit which comes in at the great value price of €3.00. A makeup bag essential!

Lastly for my mascara I have used Essence Maximum Volume Mascara*, anyone who reads my blog knows i am very fussy about my eyelashes. this mascara i actually did like the brush is one of the little rubber ones and it expands on taking out of the tube. it did thicken my lashes but I didnt notice any lengthening which I need in a mascara but for €3.49 Its definitely a great budget choice especially for easily replaceable festival makeup.

As always here is my before and after selfie. I've also added a close up of my eyes as they're not very clear in main pic. 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Liebster Award Post

Hi Everyone,
Today was meant to be a summer themed post but it's raining where I am so it just didn't feel right, so today I'm giving you my liebster award post and tomorrow will be summer..... I hope! 
Ive just been nominated for a Liebster award from the lovely Eleanor Rose from Eleanor has a lovely Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog that you should all check out.
I had heard of this before but had never really looked into what it was about until I was nominated.
So basically (i think) its an award that bloggers pass on to other new bloggers to show recognition for what theyre doing. and along with that its a bit of fun isnt it?

so THE RULES  dum dum dum............

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • write 11 random facts about yourself
  • answer the questions you have been set
  • nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers
  • write your own set of 11 questions for your nominated bloggers.
My 11 random facts:

  1. Im afraid to drive our tractor mower, i tried once and screamed even though it was barely moving!
  2. I am a qualified Psychotherapist.
  3. I have a beautiful golden Labrador named Nova- it means chases butterflies.
  4. I am married to an amazing man I met when I was 15. 
  5. My favourite TV show is The Walking Dead 
  6. I love crafts and DIY.
  7. I love reading and own the complete works of John Grisham and Michael Connelly.
  8. I hate the smell of Lavender
  9. My favourite smell is Jasmine
  10. My favourite movies are Waynes World 1+2
  11. Im currently trying to teach myself the harmonica.

Eleanors Questions

  • Whats your favourite thing about blogging?
Definitely the writing I really enjoy it.

  • What camera do you use for blog photography?
Hangs head in shame, my iphone!!

  • How do you find things to write posts about?
I write about products that i am using and things i like doing e.g. relaxing!

  • Do your friends/family know about your blog?
My husband knows but nobody else I like to have it for myself for now anyway.

  • What blogger inspires you most?
Jemma from she was so nice to me starting out and she is so ambitious really just going for what she wants!

  • What hobbies do you have besides blogging?
Knitting, I started it two years ago when i gave up smoking and I love it so relaxing and you can make some really funky stuff!

  • Favourite Disney Film?
The Little Mermaid

  • Have/Would you branch out to you tube?
Ill never rule out anything but i dont think id be cut out for video!!

  • Favourite show as a kid?
I always remember watching Beverly Hills 90210 probably didnt understand most of it, that and care bears!

  • Whats your best memory?
seeing my now husband for the first time when i was 15 our eyes actually met across a room!

  • Do you have any hidden talents?
LOL who do they have to be hidden from?? I am pretty amazing at plaiting hair does that count??

Now for my nominations :) I have taken the under 200 rule from bloglovin followers.

  1. DeeDoherty-
  2. Becca-
  3. everydayunicorn-
  5. velvetblush-
And my questions for you ladies are as follows

  1. What is your favourite season?
  2. Name one thing on your bucket list?
  3. what is your favourite book?
  4. Cats or Dogs?
  5. What is your favourite part of being a blogger?
  6. What is your holy grail beauty product?
  7. How do you get inspired for your posts?
  8. What fictional character from movie/book would you most like to be?
  9. If you were a superhero which one would you be?
  10. Who is your beauty icon?
  11. If you could have dinner with one famous person living/dead who would it be ?

For all nominees could you link me on twitter @clareken86 to your post when its live, i hope you all have fun with your Liebster Award.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Makeup facts about me!

I've seen this post on a few blogs recently and thought it was a really fun way to let my blog readers know a little more about me.

What foundation do you use? 
Estée Lauder Double Wear is my go to foundation. 

What concealer? 
Right now I'm using and loving make up revolutions concealer palette. 

What do you think of fake lashes? 
Love them! I always wear them for special occasions. 

What brand of mascara do you use? 
Benefit They're Real! 

Sephora or Mac? 
No sephora here so I'll go mac. 

What makeup tools do you use? 
Brushes ( is that the right way to answer that?) 

Do you use primer for eyes? 

Primer for face? 

Favourite eyeshadow? 
Urban Decay Naked 1. 

Pencil or liquid eyeliner? 

Favourite Lipstick? 
Mac creme sheen in speed dial.
Favourite Lipgloss? 
Clinique long last gloss in kissy fit. A lovely shiny girly pink! 

Favourite Blush? 
Hands down NARS Orgasm perfect blush for me! Strong colour with shimmer. 

Do you like drugstore make up? 

Consider taking makeup classes? 
Yes, I'd love to! 

Are you clumsy applying makeup? 
I'm not clumsy but I stick to what I know I'd love to be more adventurous. 

Colourful or Neutral? 
Both it depends on my mood I could be wearing brown one day and neon orange the next! 

Choose one makeup item? 

Best makeup line? 
For me this has been the toughest I love so many products from so many different lines that I'm cheating because I actually couldn't choose just one! 

I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know my makeup choices a little better! 
Why don't you take the quiz and share your answers it's all very fun! 

Budget Face In Products Part 1

Welcome to my brand new blogpost series! I really enjoyed doing my face in products series and I knew I wanted to do something similar again so I began brainstorming and came up with a budget version. I have planned for this series start to coincide with my 1 month blogiversarie! And I plan on posting a new post from this series every Friday for the next 5 weeks. Every face of the series will come in complete at under €20 (or very close to it!) and in most cases much much less.
The majority of the products I'm using for this are really new to me and so I am trying to push myself to experiment with the make up in ways I wouldn't normally. Some of the products have been kindly sent to me by the brands, my opinion on these products are my own and I will place a * beside these products. 
For my first installment I have created a daytime casual make up look using only 4 products and all coming in at the budget price of €15.44.

First up was my base Wet n Wild Cover All Foundation. In the interest in keeping the final look as budget friendly as possible I haven't used any concealer or powder to set this. This foundation claims to be medium to high coverage and I'd go more toward the medium, it took a lot of product to cover my face two squeezes to be exact. The consistency is good a little on the watery side though. It was easy enough to apply this look was done with a stipple brush but I later tried it with a sponge and that was way better. I used shade light/medium and I'm a mac nc 20-25 just for reference.  This foundation comes in at €4.99 and for that price it's ok for a daytime base. 

The second product I used was Make up revolution blush. This was in shade  treat, it's a deep coral/pink colour and at €1.20 it's perfect for adding a pop of colour. 

Next up is * W7 soufflé mascara in Blackest black. As those of you who read my blog will know I'm very fussy when it comes to mascara as it's not just any mascara that will make my lashes well look like lashes! 
This mascara has a really big thick brush that reminds me of the brush from Benefit BadGal. 
The BadGal is silver, soufflé is blue. You can see here just how similar they are.
 It goes on easy feels light and leaves lashes really nicely defined. It's light enough to do up to 3 coats which leaves lashes really full and defined. In my opinion this is a definite dupe for Benefit BadGal mascara and a steal at only €6.25. 
Finally I pushed myself a little for this I used Makeup Revolution focus & fix eyebrow kit. I used this on my brows but this kit has 3 different shades for brows so I also used this kit for today's eye make up. I used the lightest and darkest shades for my eye look and the middle on my brows. The lasting time wasn't amazing on my eyes but it may last longer with primer. At €3.00 it is perfect for a multi-tasking handbag essential. 
As always find my before ( it was very very early) and after selfie . 
I hope you loved this post and are as excited about the new series as I am. 
As always find me on twitter @clareken86 
And Instagram : sparkleblossombeauty

De-Stress Pamper Night

Ive been feeling pretty stressed the last few months as a few major life events have happened in a really short time. So I have started actively making time for myself and one of my favourite things to do is to take some time out with a pamper evening.
I began my pamper evening with a bath using the Sanctuary Sleep range Calming Luxury Bath Float. I am a massive fan of this range as It really does aid relaxation and smells divine while doing it. It has a texture  like a body lotion and if you didn't read the label first you would be forgiven for thinking it was just that!

Following on from this I next used also from the sanctuary sleep range restore body oil. I got this as part of sleep in a box and had been waiting until I was feeling especially stressed before using it. 
It had the same type of scent as the rest of the range but a little milder. I used the oil on my arms, legs, chest and neck. These are the areas I tend to hold tension in when I'm stressed out. 
The oil took a long time to dry into my skin maybe 2 1/2- 3 hours. I did feel more relaxed with it in but I was actively trying to relax. I found the most difference with this the next morning. It definitely deserves it's place in the sleep range wow I slept like a baby even this horrible muggy weather didn't wake me (which it has been) and I also woke up with beautifully soft skin. This is definitely a must have product for my future pamper evenings. 
Finally I used the pur dirty girl mud mask
This is a proper brown mud masque the likes of which I haven't used for a really long time. The mask went on really easily and was easy to wash off my hands which I always look out for, the directions said to leave it on for 5-20 mins. 
I had decided to leave it on for closer to the 20 minutes but it dried quickly and after about 12 minutes got so tight and uncomfortable that I had to sprint to the bathroom to wash it off. It came off really easily and there was instant relief from the tightness. My skin had that lovely freshness that you get from a masque, next morning I have a few little spots up after using it so I just wouldn't use when I have any event to be at. Overall I like the masque it didn't dry out my skin at all which can be a problem for me with mud masques. 
I had a lovely pamper evening with these products and finished it off with a movie night with my new husband. Bliss! 
What are your favourite products for a pamper night?

Monday, 21 July 2014

Guest Posts

Im planning on doing a few more guest posts over the next little while, that is if any blogs will have me :)
So I will link to them here.

My first guest post was for Laura from A Scottish Lass.
Thank-you Laura for trusting me to appear on your blog, It was a really great experience for me and you should all check out the rest of Lauras blog too she has some amazing posts and is a great writer x
This blog post was on My top 5 Products and you can find it here.

Next post is live now for Chloe of Chloesway
It's a post on what would make it into my holiday makeup bag! Find it here!

My most recent guest post was for the lovely Leanne of Blather and Beauty one of my favorite blogs to read! My post is about getting feet summer ready.

Guest post for The Kats Paws

a pamper post!

I will add more links as I do them x

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Face in Products 5 THE FINAL!!

Welcome to my final face in products post for this series!
I have really enjoyed doing these 5 posts I've learned how to apply some completely new to me products and have added some permanently to my makeup bag!

First up for the last post I decided to mix in some of my series favorites with some new products.

I'll start with concealer, Make up Revolution Concealer Palette, this is my favourite from the series by far. Its got so many different shades that you can cover up but also do a little contouring and highlighting with it. It is also a massive bargain. Its especially great for me in summer because I don't like to wear a heavy base so I can conceal and then use a light base :)

For my base I used EyesLipsFace Mineral Foundation, Ive really liked using this It was a great first experience of Mineral foundation. As the series went on I got more used to using this and more confident with it. Its perfect foundation for sunny summer days.

On my cheeks I used EyesLipsFace Blush & Contour. This was my first time to use both together and the colours really do compliment each other, shade I used was St.Lucia. I used the bronzer to contour cheekbones and the blush on apples of my cheeks for a flush of colour.

Today's eye make up used Urban Decay Naked2, I tried to do a little bit more of a dramatic eye without going overboard as It was still a daytime look. The Naked palettes are my go to for eyeshadow and Id very happily never use anything else forever, I can create such different looks from them :)

I used EyesLipsFace Liquid Eyeliner, to add some drama to my eye look. Its a great budget liner but can be a little hard to apply you need a very steady hand!

For my brows I used MakeUp Revolution Brow Kit. Its a great kit for the price, it has everything for a quick brow look and would make a great travel kit as it includes a mini tweezers too.

Finally for mascara I tested a new one here Clinique high impact mascara, its easy to apply and gave my lashes length good for a day look but didn't give me the fullness i usually look for in a mascara.

My lipstick in this look is seventeen stay pout in shade its a kiss off.
I've been really loving bold lipstick lately it completely changes a whole look and takes a natural look to dramatic :)

here are my selfies, this series has me wanting to never leave my bedroom without makeup, but all in the name of blogging!
I really hope you enjoyed this face in products series, I have really enjoyed testing and writing it.
I am working on a similar series so would love to hear your thoughts on this one.

you can find me on twitter @clareken86
Instagram: sparkleblossombeauty

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Face in Products Part 4.........

Today is day 4 of my series of face of the day in products, today is a weekday so I'm keeping things natural(ish) in the make up dept.
As is customary with these posts I will include my before and after selfie at the end!

First up is cover up, today I'm using Benefit Erase Paste, I've never actually used this before but it was just lying around in my parents house so i'll give that a go.
I used this pretty sparingly first of all because it was my first time I wasn't sure what It could do and second because I was following it with Double wear which dosn't require much covering up beforehand. I used it on my eyes, liked the product and did what it was meant to. I will definitely be testing this in more detail when I can get my hands on it again ;)

For my base I used Estee Lauder Double Wear the shade I wear is tawny and I'm about a mac nc20-25 (for comparison). This is my go to foundation right now for a night out/ special occasion or a really bad cover everything up face day! I love this most of the time but find it slightly heavy in the summer, there is a double wear light and the reviews are good I just haven't trialed it yet. I use a stipple brush to apply and as my skin is slightly dry I don't need a powder to set it.

Next I'll go to my cheeks I've used Soap & Glory peach party blush in shade Apricot Jam.
This is a shimmer brick type blush and gives a lovely healthy glow on cheeks, perfect for a natural look.

For my eyebrows I used a Collection eyebrow pencil/crayon in Blonde and just did a simple fill in on my brows. This has been covered in some of my previous face in products posts so I wont go into It again here.

Next up my eye shadow, isn't it beautiful! you are looking at  Urban Decay The Feminine Palette. The palette has six colors and a lip gloss all in a cute case that zips up with a little mirror inside :) For this look I used shades Skimp and Bordello.

To complete my eye look I used Mac Plush Lash now anyone who has read any of my posts will know I'm a they're Real fan and I'm not saying that this will replace It but this mascara gives a lovely long full lash while keeping the look much softer and natural looking than the other mascara can manage.

My final addition was Clinique Chubby Stick in shade Oversized Orange.
Orange is everywhere now and I'm really liking It, this gives you the look without committing as much as you would with a lipstick so again keeps it all on the natural theme I'm going along!

Hope you enjoyed the post, the next one face in products 5, is my last in this series but I have already started on an even more exciting one that I hope you will all love.
You can find me on twitter @clareken86
I'm now on Instagram too: sparkleblossombeauty
If you like the series leave a comment so I can plan more :) 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Massage Oil Bliss........

I'm a massive fan of massages and relaxation in general. So when my other half asked me for a massage a few days ago I thought hmmm perfect opportunity for me to get one back the following night all in aid of reviewing a product for my blog, which he could hardly say no to! So I introduced this little baby,

Monu Skincare Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil.
I love massage oils because they are always such a treat and scream out luxury and relaxation.
So Ill get to work on telling you about this one......

Night one I was the masseur, I think if your giving a massage its important to do it right (not that I have proper training) I mean in terms of setting the right tone. Lights need to be low so your not getting blinded by bright fluorescent! and I like to stick on some 'relaxation songs' on you-tube just to really get the relaxing going.
The massage oil itself has a really lovely ginger scent strong but by no means overpowering. You need to rub your palms together in order to warm the oil and you really do feel the oil beginning to warm after a minute or two. I really loved the texture if this makes sense it was oily without being greasy or too slippery. It was perfect to prevent friction whilst massaging. But what I loved most about It was after about 20-30 mins It did dry into the skin meaning that It didn't need to be rubbed or washed off which I have experienced with other oils. This also gave It the added bonus of working as a moisturiser. As a relaxing luxury treatment it gets a thumbs up from my Mr. as his comments were 'that was savage, I slept like a baby'. Ill add here that he does have trouble both relaxing and sleeping so that is one major compliment!

Night two and I was the massaged (is that a word?)
Unfortunately for me my turn did not include dimmed lights or relaxing music, rather a comment 'how do i use this stuff?' followed by a quick explanation and away we went.
I have to admit it felt amazing going on, my massage was more like someone rubbing on body lotion than actual massage but ill definitely take that and it was still very lovely. The smell when It was on was way more complex than when I had smelled it as the masseur. It made me feel relaxed and cosy and you can definitely feel the 'warming' part of its title. I have to agree with my other half this did help me to sleep like a baby! But more than that I woke up next day with baby soft skin all over my back brilliant bonus! I do feel way less stressed and refreshed after my lovely treat.
I definitely look forward to using more Monu products in the future.
If you want to give them a try you can find them here

Hope you enjoyed this post
you can find me on twitter @clareken86
Instagram; sparkleblossombeauty

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Summer Nails....

Summer for me is all about sunshine, tans and painted toenails!
I love summer nail polishes especially for toes as I always feel I can go a little brighter and more adventurous with my toenail polish.
So when It came to blogging about them I picked out some lovely bright colours for toes and some slightly more muted but equally gorgeous colours for my fingers :) I had lots of fun spending the day testing these polishes, Its a nice treat to take time out for a nail painting day, hope this gives you all some inspiration!

First this look Is O.P.I. nail polish in Sweet Heart combined with Barry M in Majesty.
These are the nails that I had for my wedding. I wanted something soft and romantic but didn't want a french mani for being a bride! There are 3 coats of the O.P.I polish to get to this coverage and colour but It does work with 2 coats. This is long enough lasting polish I tend to get around about a week from it and that's without a top coat.
The gold Barry M that I have used on my ring fingers is from the textured nail effect series. this is 2 coats shown here and it is very long lasting. I recommend using a base polish under this as is can be pretty hard to get off without one. Together these add up to perfect summer nails :)

Next up sticking with the fingers is another favourite, Essie Bikini So Teeny. This polish also featured in my wedding this time on my toes as my something blue :) Its a beautiful shade of blue and glides on so easily and lasts forever. I can get close to ten days from this polish with no chipping and only slight fading. Its beautiful on both fingers and toes and has a slight glitter / shimmer going through it. This polish has definitely made me an essie fan!

On to toes this is Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polish. First off the picture here does not do this polish justice. The shade I'm using is Grapefruit and in real life it is way more vibrant and really is hi-shine. I used 2 coats but you really could get away with one as it covers a lot on first coat. I'm definitely interested to try more of these gelly range as I am very impressed by this budget polish.

Finally I couldn't do a summer nails post without including this Rimmel Lasting Finish polish in Sunshine.
What says summer better that a lovely bright yellow polish named Sunshine :) This polish goes on easy lasts for as long as it takes to grow off and is beautifully bright in only 2 coats. It looks especially pretty when teamed with brown (tan) sandals and wedges. Definitely the perfect summer toe nail polish.

Hope you enjoyed the post Im now on Instagram find me at sparkleblossombeauty
also on twitter @clareken86

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Face in Products Part 3......

For face of the day part 3 I kept my make-up very simple.
I again went with the ELF mineral foundation and I'm finally confident enough to write its review.
As mentioned in my previous posts I wasn't entirely sure that I was applying this right and so didn't want to do the product an injustice by reviewing too early.
This is my first experience with mineral foundation and I must say that I really like it.
It masks what I want it to but looks very natural and my skin wasn't dried out by it, which can be the case for me with some others. Its definitely a foundation that I would use for daytime or maybe a casual dinner.
I initially applied it using a Kabuki brush but this didn't work for me so I switched to a complexion brush and I way preferred how It looked with this. I will definitely keep using this for my daytime looks.

Underneath my foundation I first used  Benefit IT stick as my concealer. I use this to cover up under my eyes and any blemishes I have which today were on my chin! I love this when I'm in a hurry as It is like a pencil I can draw on very quickly and effectively.

For my eyebrows I used Collection eyebrow definer this is a crayon type pencil easy to glide on to fill in brows quickly. Can you tell I was in a hurry today :)

On my cheeks I used So Susan Blush I don't have It to hand while I'm writing so I cant remember the shade but If you want to ask do :) Its a nice subtle shade perfect for the look I was going for here. went on easy and stayed put all day, very happy with this and will be using It a lot more.

Finally for my lips I used Clinique long last gloss wear. I also haven't got to hand the shade, sorry I'm doing the writing while I'm away from home. I really liked the colour and It was really nice and glossy without being sticky perfect for any type of look.

Hope you enjoyed part 3!!
sorry about the lack of info on shades I will edit to include them when I am home but you can send me a comment or contact on twitter @clareken86 if you want me to get back to you!

I'm also on instagram now........find me at sparkleblossombeauty

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Face in Products Part 2......

I have decided to make face of the day into a mini-series! Ill be doing a total of 5 posts ( unlike Garth Brooks!) sorry I'm terrible that was an awful embarrassing Dad joke!
So for today's instalment of face of the day I decided to go slightly more dramatic and these are the products I used to achieve that!

First up I'm sticking with the ELF mineral foundation as I want to give It a proper try before I review it but I do think I'm beginning to get the hang of it!I'm definitely finding it easier to apply and noticing it on me which I didn't yesterday.

For my eyes I used the Urban Decay Naked 2.I used chopper and blackout, and did a version of a smokey eye. I love the naked palettes ( well i have to confess I haven't tried 3 yet!) they're so versatile and great products and I must admit I rarely pick up any other eyeshadow.

I also used the Makeup Revolution Kajal for this look. This glides on really easy and has great colour.

My eye look also included ELF eyebrow kit, this has a wax and a powder and is easy to apply. I like the colour as I find it hard to get exact matches for my blond eyebrows.

Finally to finish my eye look ( wow I use a lot of eye makeup) is Benefit They're real mascara. its the only one I use so its pretty much going to be in every post unless I get tempted into testing something new :)

I used Makeup Revolution Bronzer to do a little contouring on my cheekbones. Its a really nice Bronzer and has 3 different shades so depending on what you want you can use different sections for different looks.

For my cheeks I used Cupids Kiss cheek & Lip tint from mememe cosmetics. 
At first glance the packaging really resembles nail polish so I found that just a little confusing!
The product inside texture, colour and application for me is a very close dupe for Benefit posy tint.
I really liked this cheek tint especially teamed with the mineral foundation as It gave my cheeks a fresh dewy look that I really like.

Finally my lips. I went a little dramatic with the lips but really love this colour. The lipstick is from Makeup Revolution and is the shade Dare. I have already reviewed this is a different post so ill just link it here.

This is my before and after picture for day 2. hope you liked today's post and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and twitter @clareken86 to keep up to date with the rest of the series!


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Face in Products..

You may have seen on my twitter recently that i went a little shopping mad and got myself a gigantic haul. This means lots of new products to test out and review. I decided the only way to do it was to test them out in a face of the day type way. So I shall apply make up in the mornings take a pic and document on in later in the day!
Today's face of the day products look like this.

I have the makeup revolution concealer palette, benefit theyre real mascara, ELF blush&contour -today i only used the contour part. makeup revolution brow kit, makeup revolution cream blush, ELF lip balm, ELF mineral foundation and finally The Balm overshadow.
My make up for today is very natural looking and minimal, If you had asked me beforehand I'd of never guessed that I had used this many products!
First up is how it all looked on me, now I don't claim to be a supermodel or even a regular one so dont judge harshly.....

Ill start with foundation well sort of  im not going to review this right now this was my first day with it and im 95% sure that I didnt use it right, I have never used a mineral foundation before and I dont think the ancient Kabuki brush I used was right for the job. Im going to continue to use this and give my review at the end of my face of the day series.
Second up is my mascara Benefit Theyre real. If anyone has read my guest post for a scottish lass  they will know that I am a super fan of this mascara It is my holy grail of beauty products mostly because I look extraordinarily weird without mascara but other reasons include, I was blessed/cursed with short,straight blonde eyelashes and no other mascara I have ever used has made me look like a have normal people eyelashes.So this one is a definite daily staple for me and lives in my handbag for always!

Next up keeping with the eyes in TheBalm overshadow in If your rich I'm single! ( what a fantastic name!) This is a loose powder and the colour is a wonderful bronze type colour. I'll add in a close up swatch of this, It is pretty pigmented so if using be careful to use just a little and then build from there to your desired look. I love the sparkle that this gives and it can be used (lightly) for both day and night looks. I also love the packaging on this Its tidy and has a lovely vintage illustration which makes me feel like im going to turn into a beautiful pin up girl from using this :)
Next up is the brow kit, I have already done a review on this, the cream blush and concealer palette in my make up revolution haul. so instead of reviewing it all again ill just link to that blog post here
I really liked the brow kit, really really liked the concealer and love love loved the cream blush! well done makeup Revolution.
The lip balm is in mellow melon from Eyes Lips Face. I was reccomended this by ELFUK's twitter page I was buying stipple brushes and wanted to add a treat product to my order. Well thank you guys I am not disappointed. Its a really lovely soft lip balm very moisturizing with a nice shine. the shade is lovely and its great that it has an added SPF15.
Finally I used the contouring section of the contouring blush & bronzer in shade St.Lucia.
I liked it I was slightly worried the bronzer would be too dark for me but it looked good when I put it on. I used this under my cheekbones to add some shape to my face! Im really excited to try the blush part out next.

Hope you enjoyed my face of the day products post. I'll be doing a few more of them, at least until I work through all of my products that need to be trialed. hope you will follow me on twitter @clareken86 to keep up to date with all my blogposts. Im also on bloglovin.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Sparkle Blossom Beauty Giveaway

Hello SparkleBlossomBeauty followers and welcome to my giveaway! 
Everybody loves free stuff don't they?
So far my giveaway includes SanctuarySpa body Lotion, ELF eye primer, Makeup revolution lipstick, Dermalogica skin renewal booster and a Sanctuary Spa Hairband. 
My plan is to add another few products to this but I'm awaiting the postman to arrive with them so I will just add them later! 

In order to win these beautiful treats you need to follow me.
EDIT: Please enter via rafflecopter below.
You will get 1 entry for following me on twitter @clareken86 
and you can get a bonus entry for following me on bloglovin

This prize is only open to residents of Ireland and the U.K. I hope to do an international at a later date.

The prize will be won when I reach 200 followers on twitter so please RT to your followers. 
Don't forget to check out my blogposts while you are here.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Haul from Make Up Revolution

I placed my first order with last week and spent all of this week waiting excitedly and praying for the postman to bring it to me quickly.
I got my package yesterday and eeekkkk was I so excited I couldn't wait to get testing.

My haul included Concealer Palette in light, kajal, cream blush, blush, eyebrow kit, bronzer and 2lipsticks.
First of all I'm very impressed with all the packaging the concealer especially screams high-end and the kajal has a really cool design that I thought was really fun.
Now to investigate each product a little closer ......

First up is Cover & Conceal the concealer palette. I bought this in light and there is a really good variety of shades. There is also the bonus of having a really good sized mirror for application.
I'm 28 so have a lot of use for concealer as my face is not as fresh as it once was boo!! I have pretty dark bags under my eyes, red patches and despite my age still get breakouts on my chin.
I messed around to get the shades right and then applied my make up at 8am, It is now 5:30 and after a hectic day I still look fresh faced woohoo! so It definitely has staying power. The coverage is as good as any concealer I have ever used texture is beautifully creamy not stiff and hard like a lot of these palettes can be. I also tried out (bear in mind I'm a normal person not a make-up artist!) some contouring on my cheeks and It really did work. I'm sure someone who actually knows how to contour properly would be able to do even more amazing things with this palette. This is a definite thumbs up from me.

Next up is the Kajal. Now I have to admit I bought this because I was intrigued by its looks rather than any real intention to use day to day. So when It arrived I was pleased to find It was cooler than I originally thought! It kind of looks like a mix of a lipstick and a crayon fun eh! So when It came to testing It stayed just as good as It looked, the colour transfer was instant very easy to apply and I created a lovely smudged eye line with it which would look fab as part of a smokey eye.

This is the Focus & Fix EYEBROW SHAPING KIT.
I find It hard to get a brow powder in the right shade for my blond brows but the top right colour is perfect for me. This brow kit has all the basics with the addition of a little tweezers for strays. The price is great and its a definite contender to become a staple.

Next up I tested powder Blush in Treat. Its a coral/peachy colour and the packaging is tidy and functional. The colour is a lot stronger than It appears to be so Id advise to use sparingly and build the colour. That makes it my type of blush as I love strong blush and hate when I buy one that has a very light colour. I'd definitely repurchase and try other shades too.

I also got 2 lipsticks one for me and one for an upcoming giveaway Ill be running. The one for me is lipstick in shade dare. This has a slight candy lipstick scent to It when you open It which made me a little unsure. Once I did apply I found this was the most beautiful shade of red and made me feel like a classic Hollywood movie star! The colour was strong and vibrant and It was easy enough to put on though it did drag my lips a little. While It was on my lips felt dry as If the lipstick was sucking all the moisture from them. Considering the cost and how amazing my lips looked I overlooked the dry feeling, which btw was just that once it was off they felt fine again so it did not in fact suck the moisture from my lips!!

Finally my absolute favourite from the haul, the holy grail if you will, Cream Blush in Peach Cream.
Wowzer forget anti-ageing creams this is (in my opinion of course!) youth in a pot. This colour, the texture....... there are no words, but I am a blogger so there are always words! This is the colour I imagine a cherubs cheeks to be, when I put it on my face just glowed and looked so radiant. I honestly think It erased about 5 years off me! The texture is slightly stiff I'd like it to be a little creamier to send It over the edge of perfection.It lasts pretty much all day 8-5:30 and It goes on easily with both fingers and a duo fibre stipple brush, although I preferred the colour my fingers gave. This has made it into my permanent make-up bag and will be making it in to my cart in multiple numbers and a few other shades in my next make up revolution order because there will certainly be a next order. Thank you make-up revolution!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Summer Body Lotions

Today's post is on my favourite body lotions for summer. Summer body lotion for me should have a light consistency, be cooling on the skin and have a lovely fragrance.
Out of all of the body lotions Ive tried these four top the list as my favourites for summer!

Molton Brown Sensual Hanaleni body cream, this is by far my best smelling body lotion.
Its made with a blend of orchid oil, ylang-ylang and jasmine (my fav smell in the world) It even sounds yummy! Love the packaging too its luxurious and unfussy.
The pump means for me it lasts a little longer Its a beautiful silky texture, glides on really easy and dries quickly.Leaves my skin beautifully smooth and moisturised however it is a light cream so if you suffer with dry skin it may not work for you. The scent is about a medium its strong and you definitely smell it but its not overpowering.
Soap and Glory the righteous butter, this would be one that would suit a little better for anyone with dry skin as its thicker and richer. I don't normally go for a body butter in summer but the smell of this screams summer to me.This body butter is easy to put on and rub in and dries in after just a couple of minutes. It keeps your skin moisturised all day. The packaging as with all soap and glory products is fun and bold.

Sanctuary Spa Body Lotion, is light and fresh the scent is slightly musky and very luxurious.
The body lotion is beautifully light and non greasy, It is very easy to put on and dries instantly leaving the skin soft and smooth. If I was to test these blind I would think this is very expensive it really has the feel of a very high end beauty brand, perfect for summer nights!

Aloe Vera Gel the must have day/night time moisturiser for sunny summer days. Nothing can make my legs look as good as aloe vera gel at any time in the summer especially after sunbathing. Its cooling and healing effects make it a summer essential for me and along with SPF its the first thing i buy at the start of summer.
To me the brand doesn't matter, Ive never seen any difference between them.

What body lotion is your favourite for summer?
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First in my giveaway

I'm going to be running a giveaway on my blog really soon I'm just building up some good products for it first.
This week was the 10th birthday of ELF and they did a blogpost on their top ten bestsellers.
Following this am pleased to say the first item of my giveaway will be their number one bestseller
ELF eyelid primer!!!!!

To keep up to date with me and to be the first to see the full giveaway details
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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My Beauty Wishlist

For today's post Ive been inspired to share with you my current beauty wish list, well at least a small portion of it ;)
Ive been coveting a lot of products lately and so I figured Id let everyone know what I want and why.

First up I did my first order from  earlier this week and for some idiotic reason I sent in my order without this palette doh!

This is makeup revolutions acid brights palette and I want it, I want it!!!!! its the funnest palette I've seen in forever and at £4 how could anyone go wrong?

Next up is Tom Ford Traceless Foundation.
 At €72 this one is probably going to stay on my wish list for quite some time unless that lotto win I'm hoping for comes in.

This was the foundation that I wore as a Bride and I have just recently gotten my photographs and wow its  beautiful. I was told I looked like a 'younger version of myself' this sounds horrible to say to a bride but in the context it was nice and very true. this foundation made me glow and I want to look like that always!

Next Item on my wish list is this NIP + FAB BEE STING FIX CREAM DELUXE
Image 1 of NIP + FAB Bee Sting Fix Cream Deluxe 50ml
It retails at €28.10. If I'm completely honest I'd be terrified using this afraid I'd have a reaction to the bee venom (its probably not possible) but I am so curious about this product that claims to use bee venom to increase circulation and plump your skin. my intrigue in this cream is what puts it on my wish list.

My final wish list item is Sanctuary Wonder Oil Serum

Wonder Oil Serum
I am a massive fan of sanctuary products, in fact they're nighttime body butter is my current desert island product and features in my relax and de-stress post ( check it out!)
my skin has been a little stressed of late and this sounds exactly like the fix I need. Its retailing at £19.50 but as I'm in Rep of Ireland I cant get near this until July 10th boo! so for the moment this has to remain on my wish list.

I'd love for you to follow me on twitter @clareken86 or leave a comment below to tell me whats on your wish list?

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