Thursday, 17 July 2014

Face in Products Part 4.........

Today is day 4 of my series of face of the day in products, today is a weekday so I'm keeping things natural(ish) in the make up dept.
As is customary with these posts I will include my before and after selfie at the end!

First up is cover up, today I'm using Benefit Erase Paste, I've never actually used this before but it was just lying around in my parents house so i'll give that a go.
I used this pretty sparingly first of all because it was my first time I wasn't sure what It could do and second because I was following it with Double wear which dosn't require much covering up beforehand. I used it on my eyes, liked the product and did what it was meant to. I will definitely be testing this in more detail when I can get my hands on it again ;)

For my base I used Estee Lauder Double Wear the shade I wear is tawny and I'm about a mac nc20-25 (for comparison). This is my go to foundation right now for a night out/ special occasion or a really bad cover everything up face day! I love this most of the time but find it slightly heavy in the summer, there is a double wear light and the reviews are good I just haven't trialed it yet. I use a stipple brush to apply and as my skin is slightly dry I don't need a powder to set it.

Next I'll go to my cheeks I've used Soap & Glory peach party blush in shade Apricot Jam.
This is a shimmer brick type blush and gives a lovely healthy glow on cheeks, perfect for a natural look.

For my eyebrows I used a Collection eyebrow pencil/crayon in Blonde and just did a simple fill in on my brows. This has been covered in some of my previous face in products posts so I wont go into It again here.

Next up my eye shadow, isn't it beautiful! you are looking at  Urban Decay The Feminine Palette. The palette has six colors and a lip gloss all in a cute case that zips up with a little mirror inside :) For this look I used shades Skimp and Bordello.

To complete my eye look I used Mac Plush Lash now anyone who has read any of my posts will know I'm a they're Real fan and I'm not saying that this will replace It but this mascara gives a lovely long full lash while keeping the look much softer and natural looking than the other mascara can manage.

My final addition was Clinique Chubby Stick in shade Oversized Orange.
Orange is everywhere now and I'm really liking It, this gives you the look without committing as much as you would with a lipstick so again keeps it all on the natural theme I'm going along!

Hope you enjoyed the post, the next one face in products 5, is my last in this series but I have already started on an even more exciting one that I hope you will all love.
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If you like the series leave a comment so I can plan more :) 

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