Sunday, 13 July 2014

Summer Nails....

Summer for me is all about sunshine, tans and painted toenails!
I love summer nail polishes especially for toes as I always feel I can go a little brighter and more adventurous with my toenail polish.
So when It came to blogging about them I picked out some lovely bright colours for toes and some slightly more muted but equally gorgeous colours for my fingers :) I had lots of fun spending the day testing these polishes, Its a nice treat to take time out for a nail painting day, hope this gives you all some inspiration!

First this look Is O.P.I. nail polish in Sweet Heart combined with Barry M in Majesty.
These are the nails that I had for my wedding. I wanted something soft and romantic but didn't want a french mani for being a bride! There are 3 coats of the O.P.I polish to get to this coverage and colour but It does work with 2 coats. This is long enough lasting polish I tend to get around about a week from it and that's without a top coat.
The gold Barry M that I have used on my ring fingers is from the textured nail effect series. this is 2 coats shown here and it is very long lasting. I recommend using a base polish under this as is can be pretty hard to get off without one. Together these add up to perfect summer nails :)

Next up sticking with the fingers is another favourite, Essie Bikini So Teeny. This polish also featured in my wedding this time on my toes as my something blue :) Its a beautiful shade of blue and glides on so easily and lasts forever. I can get close to ten days from this polish with no chipping and only slight fading. Its beautiful on both fingers and toes and has a slight glitter / shimmer going through it. This polish has definitely made me an essie fan!

On to toes this is Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine polish. First off the picture here does not do this polish justice. The shade I'm using is Grapefruit and in real life it is way more vibrant and really is hi-shine. I used 2 coats but you really could get away with one as it covers a lot on first coat. I'm definitely interested to try more of these gelly range as I am very impressed by this budget polish.

Finally I couldn't do a summer nails post without including this Rimmel Lasting Finish polish in Sunshine.
What says summer better that a lovely bright yellow polish named Sunshine :) This polish goes on easy lasts for as long as it takes to grow off and is beautifully bright in only 2 coats. It looks especially pretty when teamed with brown (tan) sandals and wedges. Definitely the perfect summer toe nail polish.

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