Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Physicians Formula: Mineral Wear & Happy Booster

Hi everyone, sorry for the little break I took this week was doing lots of behind the scenes work for lots of exciting things coming up soon.
Today I have a review of the Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Powder and Happy Booster Blush. 

Physicians Formula are a well established brand that are relatively new to Ireland everything is under €20 and the products are amazing quality. 
First I will start with the Mineral Powder, this is a compact powder with a really cool packaging design the powder is on top and can then be lifted up to reveal a mirror and small brush. 

The first day that I wore this was at a wedding and every time it left my bag it was snatched away by other ladies really intrigued by what it was and all the ladies at my table had a little trial of it too! So this is a definite tick for the packaging being desirable and eye catching.
As for the powder I am a huge fan of Mineral foundations and powders. I have combination dry skin so do need a little powder for my t-zone but anything other than mineral dries It all out badly.
This is hands down the best Mineral powder that I have used it was so light when applied but worked for keeping away the oil and added an extra bit of coverage that you get with a mineral powder. I have worn this over a lot of different foundations while testing but the most impressive was wearing it over Estee Lauder Double Wear. I fully expected it to cake on my skin immediately because DW is already drying I tend not to be able to wear any powder with it but this worked like a dream.
It managed to make the DW even more flawless.
I have also worn this alone a few days in the trial and although it isnt marketed as a mineral foundation with a little concealer applied first It does a pretty good job at creating a light daytime base.
This mineral powder gets a massive thumbs up from me and although I got this as a PR sample I will definitely be purchasing another. This retails at €17.90 a bargain for such a quality powder.

The next product that I have is the Happy Booster Blush.
This is another really eye catching product, the packaging is really similar to the mineral powder with the mirror and brush underneath the blush.
The blush is designed with lovely hearts on the product and it has the scent of Violet to make you happy and It really does give you a little boost when you smell it.
The brush that comes with it is surprisingly soft as It looks really stiff. It is perfect for application on the go but I did prefer one of my bigger brushes for applying at home.
The colour of this blush is sort of a mix of highlighter, soft pink and bronzer and even though it sounds like there is a lot going on It all blends together really well and gives a lovely natural flush look.
This is a gorgeous blush that would be at home in anyones make up bag. The happy booster blush retails at €15.90

I now have a physicians formula wishlist that consists of almost every product they make! Anything I have tried from them has been such good quality and has gone over and above my expectations for the price. Physicians Formula are available in Pharmacies Nationwide.
Have you tried any Physicians Formula or do you have a favorite. Let me know in the comments. 

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Impress Halloween Nails

Hi all so if you have read my blog or follow me in Instagram you will know that I am a big fan of impress nails, I have a pretty detailed post which you can find here. 

I was mega excited when these limited edition Haloween nails arrived in the post this week. They are amazing and such a simple and quick alternative to spending hours attempting to create some spooky nail art! 
There are six different packs available I have four of them,  the ones here are from left to right

Rager, total witch, hot blooded and after midnight. 

I'm torn between total witch and hot blooded for my own halloween nails they have such a massive level of detail and are very wearable. 
They are available from Dunnes Stores Nationwide and at only €4 are a serious bargain. 
Leave me a comment to let me know if you have used impress nails. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

W7 Absolute lashes V's Benefit They're Real

When I first saw W7 Absolute Lashes I thought well this looks familiar, but will it actually be the dupe that I have been searching for. Benefit They're Real has been my holy grail mascara for the last few years I have short, straight, blonde lashes and nothing else really creates a look like it until now that is.......

So on first glance the brushes of both mascaras are really similar the W7 is just slightly smaller than The Benefit.
So I wore the W7 mascara for a few days and was really impressed with it, It is a great mascara and at only €3.50 you really couldnt go wrong but I wanted to test it directly against the Benefit They're Real so I figured the only way I could achieve this was to wear each mascara at the same time and It was with this thought that I ended up wearing W7 Absolute lashes on one eye and Benefit Theyre real on the other eye for a number of days. This really allowed me to compare them in every way.

This side (left) is the W7 Absolute lashes and right is Benefit Theyre Real. Do you see a difference?
This pic is each mascara applied onto my lashes with no curlers used etc.

The W7 is slightly more effort to apply as It does need a few brushes through to get the desired look but definitely nothing that would put you off. They both look exactly the same on which you can see from the pic. Whats even better is they both lasted the same amount of time with the plus that the W7 was easier to remove!
I have never found a duplicate that is this close to the higher end product. I mean there really isnt any difference well except if you count the huge €22.50 price difference.
This W7 Absolute Lashes will definitely be the one that will be in my makeup bag in the future I cant believe that I can get all of this quality that really delivers for only €3.50!!
Get yourself one of these ASAP and let me know in the comments what you think x
* I was sent the w7 absolute lashes as a PR sample 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Richard Ward: The Chelsea Collection

Hi All. Today I am reviewing Richard Ward The Chelsea Collection .
This range has 3 types of Shampoo & Conditioner, 2 treatments and 3 styling products.

I will be reviewing today Keratin Restore Shampoo & Conditioner  and Keratin Smoothing Mist which I received as a PR sample.
So first for the packaging Its a light grey bottle with a silver top and they have quirky little illustrations on the front the packaging is sturdy and easy to get product from.

When I opened the bottles the first thing I noticed was the 'salon smell' for me this is one of the best things about buying professional hair products. The texture is a gel type consistency that is thick when applied (in a good way). I always give my hair two shampoos but found that my hair passed the squeaky clean test after one shampoo. The texture of the conditioner is very light and silky.

My hair is thin but I have lots of It and Its naturally curly hair that is a huge frizzball from overuse of my GHD. I have been using this trio for just over 2 weeks now and I am so delighted with the difference in my hair! My curls for the first time in years are smooth and defined I can actually wear my hair curly without the addition of any extra product. The extra bonus is ( curly haired girls will know what I mean) I can actually wear my hair curly after sleeping on it with no product added and Its even bouncy the next day.
The condition of my hair has improved hugely whilst using these products, my hair looks visibly repaired at the ends and is shiny and healthy looking.

As my hair is thin It tends to stay very flat so next on my list is the Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner from the range which I have read very good things about.

Have you tried any of the products from The Chelsea Collection, Let me know in the comments.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Mega Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is one of my absolute favorite times of the year I love the cosy fires, mulled wine and the smell of lovely Christmas candles! Of course the gifts are a massive part of the attraction. Its very exciting to know that you have a pretty good chance of receiving stuff that has been sitting on your wishlist all year. Another thing I love about Christmas is Gift Guides, I love to look at all the pictures and get ideas for gifts that I can give to all of the different people in my life.

This Gift Guide will like my blog be mostly beauty gifts but It does include some jewelry and housewares too. Like an Advent Calendar this guide has 24 gifts. Every Gift on the list is under €100. Its pretty much a reflection of what I want mixed with what I want to give :) I hope you all enjoy reading It and that It inspires you and makes your gift choosing easier. Let me know in the comments If you find some gifts you love. 
Some of the Items I have in the Guide were PR samples so I have stuck on a little * beside them. 
The currency conversions were accurate at the time of writing. 

Glamglow Gift Sexy €62.68

I figured I would try get the gift guide off to the best possible start and what is better than an unbelievable bargain Glamglow gift set. This gift set is almost half of the retail price for these products! Gift Sexy contains 15g pots of Supermud and Youth mud and a 50g pot of Thirstymud. This is a great gift for any woman or in fact man (men love this stuff too) in your life. There is lots of Glamglow stockists dotted around the country or you can order directly from

DIY Beauty Advent Calendar €31.70+

Beauty Advent Calendars are everywhere this year and so many people are indecisive over which one to get so why not make your own and stuff it full with things you know you will love! 

This *wall hanging advent calendar is perfect for the job Its pretty unique and eye catching and will definitely last for years its from It is priced at €31.70 . I have filled it up with makeup, jewelry, body care, brushes ect mostly in mini sizes but I have thrown in samples of nice things like glamglow and dermalogica. You can make this advent calendar as cheap or as expensive as you like. My plan is to buy lots to fill it with and get somebody else to fill it so I get a surprise not knowing whats i will get each day! This would be a pretty amazing gift for anybody as you can change up the content of the pockets to suit the person you are gifting to. 

Holos Blossoms Femininity Gift Set €44.90

Holos have really burst onto the beauty scene in the last few months and this gift set is definitely one that is on my own Christmas list. This contains Body Oil, Light Exfoliation Skin Polish & Sweet Mandarin Soy Candle. The Blossoms range is made with Neroli Oil, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine. I can just smell the loveliness from here! I think this would be the perfect gift for any lady with the added bonus of supporting an Irish Business x You can find stockists and buy online at

*Fuschia Make Up Sweet Cheeks Gift Set €25 

This Kit contains a mini primer, mini moisture foundation, Mini mascara, Mini Lip lacquer and 2 powder blushes. A great gift for teenagers just getting started with makeup. You can find more info on stockists on

W7 Advent Calendar € 22.50

As I have said already this year seems to be all about the beauty Advent Calendar and this one from W7 is a great budget offering. This one has 24 surprises inside. A great gift for any beauty lovers especially good for teenagers. This can be found on

*The Sticker Family New Baby Boy car sticker €3

What a cute stocking filler to give to new parents! This is a new idea where you can build your whole family right down to your pet on your back window of your car. Its a fun idea and you get to support Irish Business while your at It! The Sticker family have also got an exclusive online offer for you if you type Sparkle Blossom Beauty into the comments at the checkout you will recieve a free set of Christmas stickers along with your order! You can find these at stores Nationwide and at

Penneys Christmas Jumper Mug €2

What a perfect Christmas Stocking Filler! I love getting mugs as gifts especially really amazing quirky ones like this and at €2 how could you go wrong.

*Walk Mill Botanics Peace Decoration €15.68

Isnt this the prettiest Christmas decoration you have ever seen! but wait for the lovely surprise this is handmade soap disguised as a Christmas decoration! This smells absolutely amazing so good in fact you probably wont want to use it but keep it as a room freshener. Its also got a lovely breathing exercise on the label to help with the relaxing. This gift is from Walk Mill Botanics. Such an amazing idea and a bargain gift. These are available here

*The Christmas Boutique set of 2 glass stars €7.53

Good quality Christmas Decorations always make good gifts as they can be kept for years. These ones are made from glass and are really pretty. They are available from

Benefit Goodies a Go-Go €29.50

This set contains mini Theyre real & stay dont stray along with four eyeshadows in a really cute tin.

*Walk Mill Botanics Gift Soaps €20.34

This is another fab gift from Walk Mill Botanics This gift is made up of Cinnamon Scrub Soap and Marigold Soap, packaged in the most amazing gift bag which is made from recycled clothing infused with wildflower seeds. The idea of this is that when you are finished with using this as a bag you plant it in your garden! How genius is that idea, this gift will be perfect for any gardeners out there along with anybody who just loves beautiful things that smell amazing. This brand has jam packed their gifts full of amazing little details that make the gifts into so much more than they appear to be. As with all Walk Mill Botanics product these are handmade. You can buy walk mill products here 

Sanctuary Home Sweet Home €23

This is Sanctuary Spa Home Sweet Home gift set. Im a huge fan of Sanctuary Spa and also of homewares so what a combination.The set includes 2 reed diffusers, 2 candles and a room spray. This comes in at €23. Gifts like this are a perfect treat for people you are gifting to that you might be unsure of what to get maybe secret santa at work ect.

Yonka Pillow Mist €20

For the person in your life who needs a little push in the right direction for relaxing and help sleeping look no further than Yonka Pillow Mist. Perfect Luxurious Stocking Filler at €20.

*Reindeer Draught Excluder €25.12

Continue the decoration of your house with this Reindeer Draught excluder which is not only amazingly cute but will keep your house very cosy over the festive season. This is available from

The Body Shop: Cranberry Bath Sprinkles €10.95

Beautifully Christmas themed bath sprinkles combined with the heart warming thought of knowing that you are also giving to charity with this purchase.This year the body shop has teamed up with War Child a charity for Children affected by war. For every Christmas gift purchased no matter how small The Body Shop will contribute money to fund a class for a child. There really isnt a reason to not include this in your gift list.

*Buy a Kilt Tartan Wool Blanket €32

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is snuggling up in front of the TV and one of the staples for that is having a cosy blanket to snuggle under. This one is 100% wool and has the added bonus of being perfect to use as a picnic blanket in the summer months. A good quality blanket is a really great gift for anybody as they will pretty much last forever If looked after. This blanket is in shade Muted Stewart BlueTartan and is available from There is also a special 10% discount exclusively for you Promo code : Sparkle10.

Alex and Ani Bracelets.

I am a big fan of Alex and Ani bracelets and although I dont own any of my own yet I have gifted them a number of times even using them as my Bridesmaid gifts when I got married. The Mosaic bracelet really caught my eye as its a little different from their usual offering and I think it would be a lovely way to break up a stack of their bracelets. Ive also chosen to include the Thank you bracelet because Christmas is always a nice time to thank people! Alex and Ani are available in a number of outlets Nationwide.

Mosaic Bracelet €41                                                      Thank-you Bracelet €30

Sanctuary Spa Box of Delights €57

For me Christmas is never complete without a Sanctuary gift Set. This years one is such a lovely offering too It contains a monster 9 products. Body wash, body butter, body scrub, hand cream, heel balm, foaming bath soak, luxury bath float, body lotion, radiance exfoliator. Sanctuary Spa is available from all boots stores.

Holos Soy Gifts Candles €51.10

A gorgeous gift set of 6 scented candles. I am a scented candle fiend and these would always be a welcome gift in my house! Available from

Benefit Sexy & Scrumptious  €43

This fab gift set contains CORALista blush, Theyre Real Mascara, Posie Tint & Highbeam, Lipgloss and eyeshadow palette. These are all mini sizes and this set is exclusive to Boots.

The Body Shop Advent Calendar €85 

This is the gift to go for If you dont fancy DIYing your own advent calendar. The Body Shop has It all taken care of here 24 days of beautiful surprises. As with all of the Body Shop gifts this Christmas there will be a donation made to War Child upon purchase. 

Yonka Home Spa €65

Yonka is 60 years old this year and so they have made a massive effort with their Gifts and there really is something for everybody. The hat box gift contains Yonka Phyto bain and a large Quintessence Candle ( squeel!) This will definitely be your pick for your new year relaxing and is the perfect gift for yourself or someone who you really love. You can find stockists on

Holos Love your skin gift €72.30

This gift contains the amazing Love your skin anti-ageing facial oil this product is hands down the best new product I have used this year (and I have used a lot) also included in this gift set are Cleansing cream, Floral Toner and face cream all from the Holos Love Your Skin range. Holos has the added bonus of being handcrafted in Wexford and as always I love to support Irish Business where possible. This is pretty much the perfect gift for the lady in your life and such a bargain price for a complete skincare routine. Stockist information is available on where you can also purchase online. 

Yonka Limited Edition Oils €49.50

There are 3 oils in this gift set
Replenishing Rose & Jasmine Oil, Energising Sweet orange & Mandarin oil and Relaxing Verbena & Petitgrain.
 For those at home pamper nights there is nothing more luxurious than body oils. I can see these Limited Edition oils selling out very quickly! available at Yonka stockists Nationwide


Monday, 13 October 2014

Thea Skincare

A few weeks ago I was sent this Thea Skincare Cocoa Butter and Chocolate Body Scrub and Rich cocoa and coconut body butter to test. I have used them for the past few weeks so that I can review them for you.
Thea was started by Althea Giscombe a former Avon manager who was inspired to create this brand after a trip to Africa.

First up is the Body Scrub.
I found the body scrub had a very buttery texture that warmed up really quickly and melted into my skin. I thought that the pieces of sugar in the scrub were just a tad too large and so you had to be gentle with rubbing them in. Thea skincare is natural and organic and what I loved most about this scrub was that It looked and felt like a homemade scrub. It made it feel more luxurious as it didnt feel mass produced. It works very well as a scrub skin is left feeling very moisturised afterward but I did find that parts of my skin felt a little dry after use and so It does need to be paired with the body Butter.

The Body Butter really reminds me of the ponds cold cream, It just feels ice cold when you put it on It is thick and creamy but spreads much more easily than other body butters I have used its more like a light version of a body butter. As ive said already it pairs beautifully with the body scrub and they really compliment each other. The body butter moisturised my skin well. I was dissapointed when the body butter didnt smell like yummy coconut as I was expecting but I do find that happens with natural products sometimes.

All of thea skincare products are free from parabens, sulphate and artificial fragrance, they are vegan friendly and do not test on animals.
Have you tried any Thea Skincare, Let me know in the comments.

Belissimo Glitter Lips


A few weeks ago I recieved a pack of Belissimo Glitter Lips for reviewing. 
When I opened the pack I was met with four cotton buds, a small tub of glitter , a small tub of what appeared to be really strong smelling pva glue and 2 business cards. I had answered a tweet looking for bloggers to review belissimo glitter lips and I was shocked at how far from what I expected this was. I think I was expecting something like a glitter lipstick.... Unfortunately the strong smell of the glue turned me off instantly and there was no way I was putting it on my lips.  
I suppose you would say that I was so turned off this that I was unable to review properly I have a massive thing about strong fumes and I just wasnt able to overcome that. 

I did test a swatch on my arm and It stayed on a long time so it has lasting power. I did think it was a bit too fiddly to apply as you were messing around with a few different pots.
Other people might love this product if they can get over the strong smell of the glue and the overall fiddliness of the product. 

Have you tried Belissimo Glitter Lips? Let me know in the comments

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Beautiful Irish Brands: MONDSS

Today's Beautiful Irish Brands is spotlighting Jane McTernan and her brand MONDSS.

In MONDSS Jane has created an innovative product designed to fill a gap in the market. Jane has told me that before the creation of MONDSS she had previously tried to wear tissues under her arms to prevent perspiration marks on a warm day, now when I heard this I thought I have actually done this too! If like me you have tried this you will know that It does not work very well and so after searching in pharmacies and online for a dedicated underarm wear product Jane found out that no such product existed and so in a very entrepreneurial manner set about creating one. 
Jane came up with the name MONDSS as she wanted link her products with girls best friend diaMONDS with the most amazing tagline of  'Women Don't sweat, they sparkle'. The word  MONDSS is also a catchy short word that Jane hopes to achieve 'SPANX' status with where they would be universally associated with underarm wear! 
MONDSS are exclusively available on and cost €9.99 for a box containing 10 mondss which is enough for 5 wears.
As always with my Beautiful Irish Brands series I have tried out MONDSS so that I can review them for you.

When I first saw MONDSS they really reminded me of odd shaped plasters that just looked slightly more breathable. The rules with MONDSS are simple, your underarm should be clean, dry and free from hair. You can wear them alone or with roll on deodorant so I tried them both ways for review purposes. I don't sweat that much but in some clothes it doesn't take much to give you a gigantic sweat patch so for my testing days I strategically chose silk tops that are awful for creating patches and deodorant stains etc. They can really only be worn underneath clothes with t-shirt length sleeves or longer.  I found the MONDSS really simple to apply as there is a diagram in the pack that is easy to follow. 
At first you could feel it under your arm like wearing a plaster and my initial thought was I wouldn't be able to wear this for very long. I was really pleasantly surprised when only about 2-3 minutes later It was as if I had nothing on I couldn't feel It at all!
I was worried that there would be a little whiff without deodorant as Its something I wouldn't even walk around the house without wearing normally. I wore the MONDSS all day and tried to do as much activity as possible, I did my weekly shopping, played with my dog and did lots of housework. 
The MONDSS really kept any odour that was there locked in and my top was kept completely free from any patches. I did feel more comfortable wearing them with deodorant on but I didn't notice a difference in odour just a mental reaction I think. 
I was really impressed with MONDSS and think they are a really clever solution to combatting sweat patches and could become a staple for interviews and any special occasions. 
Get yourself a pack of MONDSS and lets help Jane achieve 'SPANX' status with her innovative Underarm Wear. 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Beautiful Irish Brands: Fuschia Make-Up

Today's Beautiful Irish Brands has the spotlight on Gillian Moore and her company Fuschia Make-Up.

Gillian established Fuschia in 2004 when she saw a niche in the market for a make-up outlet outside of Dublin.Gillian had always been really interested in make-up and wanted to create a brand that would help women look and feel better about themselves, this ethos is reflected in the choice of name, Fuschia was chosen by Gillian as she felt with all of the different species and colours of the fuschia flower along with the fact that its so pretty reflected the women she was aiming to create the brand for.Gillian initially began by working with small factories that would fulfil low order quantities for her followed by the opening of her store in Drogheda which unfortunately opened just as the recession hit.
 This was probably the worst possible time to begin a business. The original model was to have a store in every major shopping centre in Ireland but Gillian has told me that her business model needed to change several times in order to keep going in the economic conditions that faced her. Fuschia make up began selling their make up to beauty salons throughout Ireland and the UK. They are now available in salons in every county in Ireland.
 Not only did Gillian keep going through the recession but she has grown her company from just herself to employing 20 people. She has won and been nominated for numerous awards including Best new Business, Best Small Business, Best Sales & Marketing, Best Customer Service and Gillian has been a finalist for Business Woman of the Year.
Fuschia Make-up is rapidly expanding and really is one to watch, they opened a new store in Swords in 2013 and began supplying Pharmacies nationwide including Cara Pharmacy and Sam McCauleys among others. They now have their own warehouse in Drogheda where they package and fill the majority of their line.  Watch this space as Fuschia will be launching a very exciting new phase in 2015 in the form of an 'export model'!

As always my beautiful Irish Brands post would not be complete without showing you some of their beautiful offerings. Gillian has kindly sent me a bit of a Fuschia Make-up haul to show to you today. I have had a huge amount of fun over the last while testing all of these babies out! I was going to show you just a few of my favourites but I really liked them all so although the post is a lot longer than normal I felt It was justified as Its jam packed with lots of pretty girly things to make up for the length.

I will introduce you to each product but I wont have the space here for pictures so here is a link to my instagram (follow me!) for pictures of each product swatches ect! 

First up is the Mineral Make-Up Try me Kit. The Kit includes 3g Mineral Foundation 3g Rice Powder 1g of blush and a Kabuki Brush. I absolutely love Mineral foundation It really agrees with my mostly dry skin. I normally use Mineral foundation over regular foundation instead of powder to give a really flawless finish. I have absolutely adored using this kit. The fuschia mineral foundation is so much lighter than the ones I am used to using but gives the same coverage. The shade bare is the perfect shade for me( Im normally a mac nc20-25 estee lauder tawny, just for reference). I had never used a Mineral blush before and this one in shade glow was a really nice bronze colour. The addition of a (really good)Kabuki brush is a lovely touch any kits Ive gotten like this in the past the Kabuki brush has fallen apart at first touch, this one is lovely and soft blends good and I have not had any shedding yet. This is a brilliant kit for anyone who wants to introduce themselves to Mineral Make-up.
Ive also gotten a Mineral Eye Dust in shade EggPlant, Perfect for adding a bit of colour to a Smoky eye. This eye dust was really easy to work with and had a lot less messy fall out than I expected from an eye dust. 
Next is the Brushes Jumbo Buffer & Flawless Finish Foundation. 
The Jumbo Buffer and me have fallen in love! This is such a dream of a brush to use Its chunky handle combined with the full soft hairs are so luxurious. It has basically the same top as the Kabuki brush from the mineral kit but with the ease of a long handle so I have been using this for buffing in my mineral make up.
The Flawless Finish Foundation brush is exactly the type of stipple brush that I always use for applying my foundation and this one hasn't been a let down perfect for liquid foundation and no shedding.
The Sweet Cheeks Kit is a fab little gift set containing a sample primer, Moisture foundation, mascara, lip lacquer and 2 powder blushes. This reminds me of Benefit gift sets only way better value with this one coming in at €25. Keep your eyes peeled for this one in my Christmas Gift Guide coming later this month!
Next up I've got a bronzer and powder blush. Ive been using these two together to (try) do some contouring! The bronzer is in shade cocoa bronze and is just the right shade for contouring my cheek bones. The blusher is shade #7 Its a gorgeous pinky/peach with some shimmer, a really lovely girly blush. Its light enough that it can be used as a highlighter but can be layered a little to give a more defined blush look.
I also got a Liquid Blush which is named Ruthie Rose Blush. Its colour definitely reminds me of benetint but it is a thicker consistency lovely for a flushed look without lashings of blush!

Finally Ive got two lip lacquer's Party Girl and Love affair. Party girl is a really wearable Barbie Pink colour I adore it and It reminds me of Urban Decay Anarchy Lipstick. Love Affair is a mauve colour which will be so nice for Autumn. The colour payoff on these Lacquer's is amazing and they last for hours, seriously impressed with these.
Last but definitely not least are the lipsticks in shade Wine Divine and Posy.Wine Divine is a lovely berry shade and although I liked the colour in the tube It didn't wear the same way I'm pretty sure this was down to the fact that I hadn't gotten the lip liner to match. Posy however really impressed me It is the perfect nude shade just stunning and has been added as a make-up bag staple.

I hope you have loved reading Gillian & Fuschia Make-Up's story. Don't forget to check out all of the pictures on my Instagram page. Have you tried Fuschia Make-Up or spotted anything here you want to give a try to, Let me know in the comments x

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