Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Kiss true volume lashes in Ritzy

As some of you may know,  I write the odd post for sparkle blossom beauty & today is one of those days ☺
With the glorious weather today, and while everyone was enjoying the sunshine, I was working in the salon. But it wasn't all bad as I got to do some lovely hair and makeup for a girl going to her graduation.
Which brings me to the kiss true volume lashes. Clare gave me a few to try out but these were by far my favourite. They were so easy to apply. I just had to trim the ends slightly to fit. But they just looked so natural and had so much volume. My client was thrilled with them as she said they felt very light and looked amazing.
I will definitely buy these again although slightly pricey in boots for €7.49, I have found them in a few chemists for €5.99 and of course they can be reused.
Julie @blossombeauty x


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