Thursday, 9 November 2017

Stocking fillers 15 under €15.00

Festive season is just about to get into full swing (it just gets earlier every year).
Stocking fillers are getting more impressive every year meaning even if your on a budget you can still give a really fantastic gift.
I have chosen 15 products I think are really good value for money and are the most likely to return lots of smiles on Christmas morning.
I haven't placed them in any order or preference just randomly!
None of the links are affiliate, just link to help you find where to purchase.

Hot Water Bottle €13.00

Baby It's cold outside hot water bottle. Love the design of this one from Moss Cottage

Bioderma H20 Micellar Water Trio €12.00

Im an enormous fan of Bioderma especially the micellar water. This set contains all 3 types of the H20 water, sensibio, hydrabio and sebium. For only 12.00 its great value and a clever gift as you dont need to know skin type before you buy. You can pick these up from most Bioderma stockists but I cant imagine they will last for very long!

Roger & Gallet Hand cream bauble €7.00

This hand cream is not only packaged beautifully as a bauble you can hang on your tree but its not gimmicky at all its really lovely hand cream its just an added bonus that its a bauble too. It comes in 5 different scents. I have it in Fleur De Figuier and it smells just divine. the best news is this is only 7.00 so you can definitely aim to pick it up in all 5 scents and have a Roger & Gallet tree theme.
These are available from selected Pharmacies and Mark & Spencer.

Pixi Holiday Glow Tonic €13.00

This is one thats from the wishlist. I have had it on there forever but never seemed to get as far as actually getting it into the basket. I have a good feeling about it this time though. This is 100ml of the pixi glow tonic and is retailing for only 13.00 (since writing this it may have moved from my wishlist to a delivery van!)You can pick this up from cloud10beauty or go with M&S add a few more bits and pick up one of the Beauty Advent Calendars for yourself!

Cleanse off Mitt €5.95

Simple and massively effective the ultimate practical stocking filler, a crowd pleaser that can be used over and over again. Plus your skin will definitely thank you on this one. Lower end of the budget at only 5.95. Buy them here. 

Harry Potter Playin Cards €9.99

Essential for the Christmas Day game, with the added magic of Harry Potter. Available from Littlewoods

Cadbury Selection Box €4.20

A tradition! Its not really Christmas without a selection box and Im a Cadbury girl. These are in Tesco at 3 for 5 so probably the right time to stock up.
Swear I only bought them for photo purposes though.....

Initial decorations €6.95

These are just beautiful from Marks and Spencer you can choose an initial for each of the family.
These are on 3 for 2 right now. I have just bought us all one for the Christmas tree.
Buy them here 

Roald Dahl Cups €12.00

I am in love with these cups! Who does not love Roald Dahl?
 BFG has always been my favourite Roald Dahl book so thats the one on my wishlist.
 At 12.00 these are a bargain I genuinely thought they would be closer to the Bombay Duck pricepoint. You can get these from The Stables Birr.

Lush Sleepy Body Lotion €8.95

This is the Cult Sleep lotion that everybody with a not so sleepy toddler has heard of. Whether its coincidence or a magic cream were trying not to look too much into that but since we have started using this our toddle has started sleeping FOR THE FULL NIGHT  IN HIS OWN ROOM ( sorry for shouting but thats big news!) Its a gorgeous lotion to help anybody who feels they need a little help to relax at bedtime and makes your skin super soft too. A staple for many years to come in our house and so It is the perfect stocking filler. The prices are in sterling on Lush website so Ive just done a quick conversion for a 95g pot available here .

Beatrix Potter 3 DVD Set 9.00

I am a book lover like Roald Dahl earlier I love Beatrix Potter. I spotteed these DVD's in Penneys and couldnt resist. Santa brought John all the books last year so he is already familiar with the characters.

Tipperary Crystal Polar Express Tree Decoration €12.00

A great Christmas gift, these decorations are a lovely collectible and each year when you put up your tree you remember who gifted it to you. Tipperary Crystal have a really large selection of decorations but I think this one is particularly nice.

Bubble T Bath Pearls € 11.00

I have to be completely honest these are only here for the nostalgia. I had no idea you could still buy bath pearls! I loved these when I was young. Present to bring you back in time for a while! from Debenhams

Tipperary Crystal Christmas Candles € 13.00

Tipperary Crystal also do a lovely range of scented candles. Theyre packaged in a lovely box and the candle itself is in a really nice glass tumbler.
They come in 3 different Christmas scents Berries, White Christmas and Winter Spice.

Novelty Socks € 7.50

You cant really have a stocking filler list without socks! These ones are for the men, I think they are just the right amount Christmassy. From Debenhams

Have you any must have stocking fillers I have missed out on? Let me know in comments 

Monday, 9 October 2017

Most Repurchased Products

I think the testament of a good beauty product is owning multiples of it!
I was practically falling over some products I've got so many of them and thought sharing them might make for some good reccomendations.

There not in any particular order of favourites but I'm starting off with the one I have the most of.

Catrice Ultra Slimmatic Brow Pencil in Medium 

I LOVE this brow pencil! This has been the only brow product I have ever used that makes me look like I've got a handle on my brows. The medium shade is a perfect match to my brow colour, and the pencil is so thin you can be really precise so you actually get the shape your drawing rather than the vague shape with clumsy smudges either side. This brow pencil costs €3.50 and you can see from the picture this one is used and repurchased a lot!

Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil 

I was really lucky to be sent a sample of this when it was first released and it's become one of those can't live without products for me, I panic when it's reaching about 1/4 left in bottle and rarely leave it to chance that I would completely run out. The oil is created for after waxing but it's so much more than that. I use it as a general body moisturiser and to help me relax and sleep, I even used it to help ease morning sickness at one point. Waxperts have a new candle coming soon too very excited to see what that one is like. The oil retails at € 12.95

 Bioderma Sensibio H2o 

 Bioderma first landed on Irish shores about 4 years ago and since then I have been hooked on their micellar water and have religiously repurchased without straying. It cleans all of my make up away, is really gentle on my skin and I've never had any reaction or soreness from using it. It also never makes my skin feel dry. I'm a big fan of all the Bioderma products but it's easy to see why this is their bestseller. If you have never tried this do it now! Prices vary from €5.50 to €16.00.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light 

I have a ridiculous amount of foundation and loads that I repurchase often but this one is my go to day to day foundation. It does it's job well gives great coverage dosnt oxidise on me and lasts the full day. It dosnt feel heavy and I've never had any reactions from it.
It's on the pricey end of the scale but it lasts me about 3/4 months of daily Wear for € 40.00

What are your regular repurchases? Be sure to let me know so I've got a reason to buy more new stuff LOL!

This post features no samples.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Wet n wild collection

A few weeks back I very generously got a lovely package from wet n wild filled with some bits from their new collection.  I usually do a quick intro post but this time I decided to test them in full before posting any thoughts.

First up is the lash Renegade mascara. It's got a cool little round tip at the end of the applicator to reach your inner lashes. I have thin straight lashes and I like the volume this has given them , you can see the before and after here.

it's easy to apply lasts all day and dosnt go clumpy or spidery. This retails at €6.75.

Next I've tested the mega last liquid catsuit,

This is wet n wilds liquid lip colour offering. I have tried the ones from Rimmel and Catrice too but this is my definite favourite it's the most wearable and the longevity is pretty good probably around 4 hours (with eating, drinking & teeth brushing) before needing reapplication. There are seven shades in collection I got two shades but only tried give me mocha as my sister was off on holidays the day the package arrived and she swiped the second.

These retail at €5.00 and I have a feeling these will be like the megalast lipsticks and I'll end up with every last one.

The product from the collection that is on everyone's lips is the Photofocus foundation at only €6.95 is harder to get than gold dust. I bought one when they had it out a few months ago on limited edition but it was way too pale for me to test properly so I'm still on the hunt for this I love finding budget foundations!

The megaglo sticks come in 3 concealer shades and 1 highlight. Retailing at €4.65 I would be intrigued to try the concealer version. I have tested the highlight stick and really liked the shade of it I think it will suit most Irish skin it's easy to apply and blend. I love it over & under my brows.

The standout for me is the Mega Glo highlighting powder it gives a gorgeous glow just the right balance between subtle and way too glowy! I have been using the shade Precious Petals (it comes in 2 shades) and it gives a lovely subtle pink colour along with the highlight. This is retailing at €5.25.

Wet n Wild is available nationwide. This post contains PR samples

Monday, 24 July 2017

All about Base : Note BB cream

I've been really wanting to try Note luminous moisturising foundation for a while now so when I finally found a local stand I was delighted. I'd also seen a couple of good reviews about the BB cream  and the prices were so reasonable I picked up both. I'm not exactly sure but I think they both came to under €25. I am not one for BBcreams more of a get me the fullest coverage foundation that exists kind of gal.
My hopes were raised a little higher when the girl serving me asked had I used it before followed by telling me that I would love it and that it's amazing!
It comes in 3 shades , I bought shade 1 . I'm a nc20 in Mac and this is a great shade for summer but might be a touch dark in winter so I'd say it's a 20/25 for shade.

I can't say I know a huge amount about BB creams, I bought and used the garnier one a few years ago when it came out and it was fine I had young skin and it was like a glowy tinted moisturiser.
This isn't like that it's a complete game changer for me. I cannot believe how much coverage and longevity I can get from something that isn't foundation!
I would class it as a medium to full coverage but it's so light and comfortable on my skin. I've been having no issues with any flaky skin and It's so natural and healthy looking.
I tried a few different ways to put it on hands, silicone sponge, regular sponge,  f20 etc but in the end I found my duo fibre stipple brush was the best way to apply and it gives a really natural light coverage of the BB cream.

One of the days I was wearing it I was going somewhere that I really needed it to last with coverage for me so I dusted some mineral foundation over it and it lasted beautifully.
It makes a couple of promises which in my opinion it absolutely delivers on.
1. Evens skintome and enlightens ✅
2. Diminishes imperfections and removes appearance of dull skin ✅
3. Helps to conceal fine lines, yes and my lines are a bit more than fine! ✅
4. Healthy looking skin in one step 😀✅
Along with all of this it has SPF 15, I genuinely think my sun damage level on my face would be really high (it's not I had a skin analysis with Bioderma recently, post coming soon) if it wasn't for SPF in foundations.
This is the base to choose for sunny summer days when you want seriously good coverage and staying power without using anything too heavy.
I've been really impressed with anything I have tried from note so far I'm hoping to pick up a few more bits from the range really soon .
If your looking for a local stockist they post regular updates on their Facebook and reply really quickly too
   I will have a full post soon on the luminous moisturising foundation coming in the next week or so. 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Wet n wild photofocus eyeshadow primer

Wet n Wild are one of the budget make up brands you can always count on for a few gems. 
Their photofocus products are on the ball at the moment, the foundation is like gold dust and is on the majority of bloggers must try lists and with good reason it really is a fantastic product. I don't have a review of it yet as I'm hoping to pick it up in a better shade for me before I trial it properly. With all this hype about the foundation you  shouldn't overlook some of their other products in the range. 

I have had this eyeshadow primer for a couple of months now but have only recently started using it religiously.

I never really used an eye primer for more than a special occasion before this one.
The primer is a beige colour but dries onto the eye clear.
You really only need to apply a tiny amount of this to your eye as it sets really hard and if you have it on heavy or clumpy it will flake.
Once you have this on right it's a hero product your eye make up will not budge not even a little bit. I have tested it over 8 hours and while using the primer it's probably the only time my eye make up has stayed on for full days.
It Works with all kinds of eye make up over it powder, cream etc.
The packaging is simple and I really like the tube for this you feel you can control the amount of product getting out so there isn't any wastage.

Wet n Wild is a cruelty free brand so none of their products are tested on animals.
The RRP for this is €5.95
If you are looking for local stockists Wet n Wild are really quick at getting back to enquiries on their Facebook page

This post contains samples


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