Monday, 13 October 2014

Thea Skincare

A few weeks ago I was sent this Thea Skincare Cocoa Butter and Chocolate Body Scrub and Rich cocoa and coconut body butter to test. I have used them for the past few weeks so that I can review them for you.
Thea was started by Althea Giscombe a former Avon manager who was inspired to create this brand after a trip to Africa.

First up is the Body Scrub.
I found the body scrub had a very buttery texture that warmed up really quickly and melted into my skin. I thought that the pieces of sugar in the scrub were just a tad too large and so you had to be gentle with rubbing them in. Thea skincare is natural and organic and what I loved most about this scrub was that It looked and felt like a homemade scrub. It made it feel more luxurious as it didnt feel mass produced. It works very well as a scrub skin is left feeling very moisturised afterward but I did find that parts of my skin felt a little dry after use and so It does need to be paired with the body Butter.

The Body Butter really reminds me of the ponds cold cream, It just feels ice cold when you put it on It is thick and creamy but spreads much more easily than other body butters I have used its more like a light version of a body butter. As ive said already it pairs beautifully with the body scrub and they really compliment each other. The body butter moisturised my skin well. I was dissapointed when the body butter didnt smell like yummy coconut as I was expecting but I do find that happens with natural products sometimes.

All of thea skincare products are free from parabens, sulphate and artificial fragrance, they are vegan friendly and do not test on animals.
Have you tried any Thea Skincare, Let me know in the comments.

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