Monday, 13 October 2014

Belissimo Glitter Lips


A few weeks ago I recieved a pack of Belissimo Glitter Lips for reviewing. 
When I opened the pack I was met with four cotton buds, a small tub of glitter , a small tub of what appeared to be really strong smelling pva glue and 2 business cards. I had answered a tweet looking for bloggers to review belissimo glitter lips and I was shocked at how far from what I expected this was. I think I was expecting something like a glitter lipstick.... Unfortunately the strong smell of the glue turned me off instantly and there was no way I was putting it on my lips.  
I suppose you would say that I was so turned off this that I was unable to review properly I have a massive thing about strong fumes and I just wasnt able to overcome that. 

I did test a swatch on my arm and It stayed on a long time so it has lasting power. I did think it was a bit too fiddly to apply as you were messing around with a few different pots.
Other people might love this product if they can get over the strong smell of the glue and the overall fiddliness of the product. 

Have you tried Belissimo Glitter Lips? Let me know in the comments


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