Saturday, 5 July 2014

Haul from Make Up Revolution

I placed my first order with last week and spent all of this week waiting excitedly and praying for the postman to bring it to me quickly.
I got my package yesterday and eeekkkk was I so excited I couldn't wait to get testing.

My haul included Concealer Palette in light, kajal, cream blush, blush, eyebrow kit, bronzer and 2lipsticks.
First of all I'm very impressed with all the packaging the concealer especially screams high-end and the kajal has a really cool design that I thought was really fun.
Now to investigate each product a little closer ......

First up is Cover & Conceal the concealer palette. I bought this in light and there is a really good variety of shades. There is also the bonus of having a really good sized mirror for application.
I'm 28 so have a lot of use for concealer as my face is not as fresh as it once was boo!! I have pretty dark bags under my eyes, red patches and despite my age still get breakouts on my chin.
I messed around to get the shades right and then applied my make up at 8am, It is now 5:30 and after a hectic day I still look fresh faced woohoo! so It definitely has staying power. The coverage is as good as any concealer I have ever used texture is beautifully creamy not stiff and hard like a lot of these palettes can be. I also tried out (bear in mind I'm a normal person not a make-up artist!) some contouring on my cheeks and It really did work. I'm sure someone who actually knows how to contour properly would be able to do even more amazing things with this palette. This is a definite thumbs up from me.

Next up is the Kajal. Now I have to admit I bought this because I was intrigued by its looks rather than any real intention to use day to day. So when It arrived I was pleased to find It was cooler than I originally thought! It kind of looks like a mix of a lipstick and a crayon fun eh! So when It came to testing It stayed just as good as It looked, the colour transfer was instant very easy to apply and I created a lovely smudged eye line with it which would look fab as part of a smokey eye.

This is the Focus & Fix EYEBROW SHAPING KIT.
I find It hard to get a brow powder in the right shade for my blond brows but the top right colour is perfect for me. This brow kit has all the basics with the addition of a little tweezers for strays. The price is great and its a definite contender to become a staple.

Next up I tested powder Blush in Treat. Its a coral/peachy colour and the packaging is tidy and functional. The colour is a lot stronger than It appears to be so Id advise to use sparingly and build the colour. That makes it my type of blush as I love strong blush and hate when I buy one that has a very light colour. I'd definitely repurchase and try other shades too.

I also got 2 lipsticks one for me and one for an upcoming giveaway Ill be running. The one for me is lipstick in shade dare. This has a slight candy lipstick scent to It when you open It which made me a little unsure. Once I did apply I found this was the most beautiful shade of red and made me feel like a classic Hollywood movie star! The colour was strong and vibrant and It was easy enough to put on though it did drag my lips a little. While It was on my lips felt dry as If the lipstick was sucking all the moisture from them. Considering the cost and how amazing my lips looked I overlooked the dry feeling, which btw was just that once it was off they felt fine again so it did not in fact suck the moisture from my lips!!

Finally my absolute favourite from the haul, the holy grail if you will, Cream Blush in Peach Cream.
Wowzer forget anti-ageing creams this is (in my opinion of course!) youth in a pot. This colour, the texture....... there are no words, but I am a blogger so there are always words! This is the colour I imagine a cherubs cheeks to be, when I put it on my face just glowed and looked so radiant. I honestly think It erased about 5 years off me! The texture is slightly stiff I'd like it to be a little creamier to send It over the edge of perfection.It lasts pretty much all day 8-5:30 and It goes on easily with both fingers and a duo fibre stipple brush, although I preferred the colour my fingers gave. This has made it into my permanent make-up bag and will be making it in to my cart in multiple numbers and a few other shades in my next make up revolution order because there will certainly be a next order. Thank you make-up revolution!

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