Thursday, 3 July 2014

Summer Body Lotions

Today's post is on my favourite body lotions for summer. Summer body lotion for me should have a light consistency, be cooling on the skin and have a lovely fragrance.
Out of all of the body lotions Ive tried these four top the list as my favourites for summer!

Molton Brown Sensual Hanaleni body cream, this is by far my best smelling body lotion.
Its made with a blend of orchid oil, ylang-ylang and jasmine (my fav smell in the world) It even sounds yummy! Love the packaging too its luxurious and unfussy.
The pump means for me it lasts a little longer Its a beautiful silky texture, glides on really easy and dries quickly.Leaves my skin beautifully smooth and moisturised however it is a light cream so if you suffer with dry skin it may not work for you. The scent is about a medium its strong and you definitely smell it but its not overpowering.
Soap and Glory the righteous butter, this would be one that would suit a little better for anyone with dry skin as its thicker and richer. I don't normally go for a body butter in summer but the smell of this screams summer to me.This body butter is easy to put on and rub in and dries in after just a couple of minutes. It keeps your skin moisturised all day. The packaging as with all soap and glory products is fun and bold.

Sanctuary Spa Body Lotion, is light and fresh the scent is slightly musky and very luxurious.
The body lotion is beautifully light and non greasy, It is very easy to put on and dries instantly leaving the skin soft and smooth. If I was to test these blind I would think this is very expensive it really has the feel of a very high end beauty brand, perfect for summer nights!

Aloe Vera Gel the must have day/night time moisturiser for sunny summer days. Nothing can make my legs look as good as aloe vera gel at any time in the summer especially after sunbathing. Its cooling and healing effects make it a summer essential for me and along with SPF its the first thing i buy at the start of summer.
To me the brand doesn't matter, Ive never seen any difference between them.

What body lotion is your favourite for summer?
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