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Mia & Dom skincare

Holding my hands up in apology as I start this post I'm a day late getting published! Had some pregnancy news that floored me a bit yesterday ( all good) :-) 
I've been testing these bits from Mia and Dom skincare which FYI is named after creator Jennifer's children which I adore and also wonder if there is a fast and furious connection?
I have tested out the calming baby massage oil, spearmint & lavender lip balm and the organic morning sickness balm.
As I am in my third trimester I have tested the morning sickness balm and the baby massage oil in slightly differ:-) ent way than intended but I think its good to show a products diversity :-) 

Calming baby massage oil
Starting off with the massage oil obviously as I am still pregnant it means that baby isn't here yet ( that's how it works ;) but I have been using this as a belly massage oil to soothe myself and baby when there is lots of kicking going on. Now this might be true I have no idea but I have wrangled a few lovely gentle belly massages from my lovely husband on the pretense that it is his bonding time with baby, I don't normally set out to trick but the massages are so relaxing!
This massage oil has a gorgeous consistency its just a little thick just enough that it doesn't run off your hands when you pump it on. Its not greasy feeling at all but just a small amount allows a good length of massage before it dries in. The massage oil also gives a lovely warming sensation while your using it. The oil left my skin feeling really soft and moisturized feeling very supple. I am very excited to use this on baby when he/she arrives and will report on that experience in the future.

Organic morning sickness balm

Oh how I wish I had this in the first 18 weeks of my pregnancy when I was suffering with hypermesis and living in misery! Fortunately the morning sickness went away but it does mean that this balm couldn't be tested properly for its true purpose. I have however been having a fair bit of nausea over the last few weeks not sure if its anxiety from impending arrival or if its from lack of space in my belly? So I have been using the nausea as a mild replica of morning sickness to test out this balm. To use you rub some under your nostrils and onto your temples. It has a really refreshing scent which I can imagine would help you feel better during morning sickness ( I used to smell Vick vapo rub!) So for a quick fix you could just open lid and take a whiff. I used as instructed and it definitely removed or greatly reduced my nausea, I have to admit I've been carrying this in my handbag not for any sickness reasons but just that I like how refreshed it makes me feel when I use it :-)  so although I haven't been able to comment on its true purpose I do like the balm.

Lavender and peppermint lip balm

When I fell pregnant something very strange happened , well actually lots of strange things happened but the one I'm referring to is that I started to really like lavender? it was my most hated fragrance before and since being pregnant is one of my favorites i have even used a lavender body oil the whole way through to combat stretch marks! 
When i saw lavender and peppermint in the same tin though i did wonder a bit its not really something i would of ever put together but i stand corrected because it is really really nice. You kind of get the refreshing tingle of peppermint with lovely relaxing slightly luxurious lavender. Its funny when you smellit in the tin too because you can definitely pick out the two distinct scents but they blend so well together at same time. THe lip balm is fab for keeping moisturised especially in this hot weather and this one has now made its way directly into my labour bag :-) 

I have really enjoyed testing these and will be rushing back to find more once baby has arrived to make sure he/she has lots of lovely things! 
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