Thursday, 2 July 2015

Whats in my hospital bags?

Hi everyone
a little break from my regular beauty posts to share what I have been packing into my hospital bag for my upcoming labour! I actually cant believe that I am at 36 weeks already this stage has just flown around for me and with the packing of the bag is now getting very real.

Lots of hospital lists are already out there and have such diversity so this is just my version I will be bringing a bag for labour, one for my hospital stay and as a beauty blogger the important one my washbag! I am a FTM so there may be some bits that I wont use and others that I will send for so dont judge me too harshly! I am just going to dive straight in and if anyone has any questions re quantities ect you can leave a comment at end :)

Labour Bag

2 nightdresses with button down front if you can get them
Maternity Pads-green pack
Long sleeve sleep suit
Hat & Mitts
Socks (adult ones!)
Glucose sweets
Cereal Bars

Wash Bag 
This will be in my labour bag to start.

travel size where possible to save space

Shampoo- think I packed head and shoulders!
Shower gel - body shop vanilla brulee
Water Spray I've got LA Roche posay and avene and am considering adding in voya ritzy spritzy for making me feel lovely after! ( am I going overboard with these?)
toothbrush & paste
dental floss
2 face cloths
Lip balm - I've a Mia and Dom peppermint & lavender pot and LA Roche posay stick balm.
Simple moisturizer
Bioderma micellar water travel size
Hair band,clips & bobbins
Holos happy momma oil
Vaseline & sudocreme

All of this is housed in the beautiful eve wash bag from the quintessential .

Of course there is also my make up to consider , I will be going minimalist with it but I still need a little bit. It took me a while to decide what would come with me but I have decided on rimmel 25 hour foundation and my real techniques buffing brush for application, physicians formula happy booster blush its so pretty plus has the bonus of having a mirror if I can't get one elsewhere. I also would of added my physicians formula mineral wear powder but it got smashed and so would be far too messy :(
Next in is fuschia eyebrow kit and an angle brush for application, my rimmel scandal eyes mascara will also be making the trip as will wet n wild lipstick in pinkerbell to give me a pop of colour. So that's pretty minimalistic at only 5 makeup items especially when I imagine I'm going to need every bit of make up I can lay my hands on!

Main Bag

My main bag is mostly made up of very practical things

2 dark towels
Nightdresses & PJs - I got a tip from friend to get the button down front PJs, to wear a vest top with bottoms and then use the shirt part instead of a dressing gown for when I need it as in July it should be too hot to use gown.
Bridget jonses , lol you all know what I mean :-)
4 packs maternity towels
1 pack size 1 nappies - I've gone for pampers
Cotton wool
Water wipes
Cellular blankets
Baby towels
Muslin cloths
Baby hats & scratch mitts
8 baby sleep suits
8 vests
Cardigans- my mam knitted these as I couldn't find any and just couldn't get into the mind frame of knitting them myself.
Breast pads
2 nursing bras even though I'm not planning to BF
Flip flops
Phone charger-very important for all the showing off after I imagine :-).

All of the baby clothes I have bought in size 0-1 as at 35 weeks baby is already 6lb and I've been told is gonna be a big baby!

I'd really appreciate if you would let me know any tips or anything you think I have left out in the comments so I can add more to my stash :-)


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