Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My Chelle Refining Cleanser

A few weeks ago I received this refining sugar cleanser from my chelle and I have been testing it since. This isn't the first time that I have pharmacyts from my chelle and in the previous post I have a bout of detail on what my chelle is about so if your interested in that you can find it here.

IN  my last post one of the only negatives I had about my chelle was the unusual smell of the products due to the natural ingredients, this is 100% not a problem with this cleanser the bottle says sugar and that is what you get! Still you don't get the sickly overpowering sugar scent rather a lovely mild sweetness that makes you smile when you take a whiff. 

The refining cleanser wasnt really like anything I had used before on first application it works as a really gentle exfoliator. I have fairly sensitive skin when it comes to exfoliation but have to say the texture and grittiness was the perfect balance between actually working and ripping the face off me ;)
So once your exfoliation part is done you splash a little water on your hands and start to rub over the exfoliator and like magic it turns into the most beautiful creamy cleanser. You can then wash off the cleanser with water or a cloth.
It leaves my skin beautifully clean and although slightly dry after nothing compared to how it normally is after using a scrub and certainly nothing a but of moisturizer won't sort.
As I've probably said before I love a multi use product and this definitely ticks that box not only does it exfoliate and cleanse but it has added anti-aging peptides and crocus chrysanthus extract to aid us in the wrinkle fight and finally  along with saving time it definitely adds some luxury to my morning routine.The sugar cleanser has a retail price of €24.95.

UNfortunately my chelle has been one of the victims of the closure of clearys department store and so the current stockists of my chelle is life pharmacy. 

LEt me know in the comments if you have used any my chelle and what your favorite is x 


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