Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Blogging......or actually the total lack of!

So its a Tuesday after a bank holiday  which means a brand new start dosn't It? I have been majorly absent from my blog for the last while for a lot of different reasons usually known as life.
Im just about 6 months pregnant now of which the first 17-18 weeks consisted of morning sickness so bad I couldnt of typed my own name, so that meant my poor blog had to be neglected.
Since the sickness has eased up Ive been doing a few bits behind the scenes to get ready for some new posts and then BOOM  we suddenly need to move house and that was not in the plan. We were only given a little bit of notice and buckets full of stress but eventually found and made it into a new house and glad to say myself, hubby, doggy and bump are all settling happily (surrounded by all of our things in their cardboard boxes!)
I have a few posts in the pipeline and I am promising at least one new post this week (yay!) -that yay is more for me Im really excited to get blogging again.
Keep tuned on twitter @clareken86 and instagram : sparkleblossombeauty for updates

Clare x

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