Monday, 16 February 2015

Waxperts Beautiful Body oil

A few weeks ago I recieved a lovely surprise of Waxperts brand new Beautiful Body Oil and have been putting it through lots of testing since.
I am a massive fan of Waxperts ingrown hair pads #wonderpads and was very excited for this new launch.
First Impressions were of fantastic packaging with a pin up girl on the inside of the bottle which is a signature waxperts look, the pump on the bottle is great as It lets out the oil in small amounts which I do find a problem with other oils. 
The oil is lavender scented which I normally hate because I find It so overpowering but Waxperts have managed to balance the scent where you have a milder lavender than you get in most cosmetics which was a massive plus for me. 
The oil is really lightweight and its not greasy at all. when you apply it it dries almost instantly and you get none of the stickiness that you can get with some body oils. 
The oil is formulated to be used after waxing but in waxperts style it is a multi use product. It can also be used for soothing sunburn and at night time to help you sleep.  I currently have baby no.1 on board and I have been using this on my belly to prevent stretch marks. I havent had much time to spend applying moisturisers so this has been amazing as It is really easy and quick to apply and dries almost instantly. I have found it really soothing and even used it to soothe my tummy spasms during my morning sickness. 
My skin has never been so soft and I have also been told by Waxperts owner Ellen that baby will remember the scent and I can use it on him/her when they arrive! 
This is a product that deserves as much praise as their first retail product and is very worthy of the #wonderoil. It will remain a staple for me throughout my pregnancy and far beyond. 
Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil is now available to buy on and in waxperts salons for €9.99.

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