Monday, 13 April 2015

Nia- calendula & orange blossom cleansing balm

A few weeks ago I started testing this Cleansing Balm from Irish brand NIA skincare.
This was my first time to use a cleansing balm although I have been meaning to try one for a really long time! 
The box contains a tin of cleansing balm ( I love the tin I'm a sucker for packaging) a wooden applicator stick and 3 cloths. 
The instructions say to apply the balm with the applicator stick and whilst this is definitely the most hygienic way I didnt find it very easy so I have been applying it with my (dry) hands. When mixed with water It melts into the skin and smells absolutely beautiful. 
To remove the balm you wet one of the cloths and remove in circular motion. 
While testing this I was really very impressed at the way that it removed the toughest of make up with only one application and no scrubbing I am talking about Estee Lauder Double Wear and Benefit Theyre Real Mascara. 
My skin has been left really soft after every use and has definitely been holding more moisture than normal for me. 
Im definitely very impressed with my first experience of a cleansing balm and even more delighted that this amazing one is from an Irish company. 
You can purchase products and find out more about the range on 

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