Wednesday, 6 August 2014

ImPress Nails Review

Hi everyone
 I'm talking today about Broadway ImPRESS nails the press on manicure.
I was sent these by Caroline at Publicity Loft, all my opinions are honest.

So to start I don't wear false nails don't get gel manicures, I'm a simple keep them relatively short and polished mostly because I enjoy painting my nails but also because I don't like the look of extra long decorated nails. When I think of false nails It brought to mind really stiff nails needing to be applied with glue that I bought in the pound shop when I was about 11. The nails that I was sent are happily not in league with the ones etched in my memory.

The nails come in really clever packaging inside a replica nail polish bottle and come with 24 nails a prep pad and a teeny nail file. Prices start at €8.50 and they are available in pharmacies and penneys stores Nationwide.  There is a huge variety of designs from classic to really funky and everything in between. I received the medium length nails in shade Epic Win which is a really glossy pink/purple colour.
I really like the shade it is vibrant and eye catching and the gloss is a really fab effect.
I was in two minds when I was measuring them against my nails but went on ahead anyway.
These nails are aimed towards convenience something that you can press on last minute, I decided that to test these out I would follow the steps and use a stopwatch to see exactly how long It took me to get them on.
To start with you need to wash your hands and then use the prep pad, you then pull off the tab and stick on the nail SIMPLE!

I got the first hand on with no problems at all until it reached time to do the second and I realised that I wouldn't be able to pull away the tabs with the false nails on so I pulled off all the tabs for second hand at once. If putting them on again I would take off all the stickers at the beginning. I put on all of the nails and was finished in under 4 minutes!  

Definitely a brilliant fast option for on the go nails.

I liked the results but felt that the nails were a bit too long for me so to further my experimentation the box said that after 30 minutes I could trim and file the nails. So that's exactly what I did. The nails were easy enough to cut and only required a tiny amount of filing.

Once they were cut down a little I fell in love they're perfect and they look very real. They are really easy to wear as they are soft and flexible. I would definitely recommend for a wedding guest or any other occasion.

I was hard on these nails so can testify to them being hard wearing, I did washing up including pot scrubbing wearing them then cleaned a dogs ears and helped repairing a lawnmower! I know I lead such a glamorous life!!
I like things that are easy but look amazing so I will be purchasing these I think the short length will be the ones for me, I am especially excited about this design It looks so fun!

If you have liked the review please leave me a comment, The nails claim to last up to a week so they will remain on my fingers until they fall off and I will update on twitter @clareken86 of their progress!


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