Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Clinomyn Challenge

I replied to a twitter ad from Clinomyn a few weeks ago asking for people to join their 14 day challenge.
I have just finished mine and here are my thoughts and results from the last 14 days.
I also roped my husband into doing the challenge with me so I have his and hers pictures!

First off for a little about our teeth we were both smokers for many years and gave up together two years ago and though are teeth had hugely improved we both still had staining from it. I am also a serial coffee drinker and occasional red wine drinker which is only adding to the stains ( I dont give myself much of a chance do I ?)It seems a pity to me that this toothpaste is so strongly marketed towards smokers because the rest of the market is really missing out.
So before I get into the review I give you our before selfies! For reference I am the one without the facial hair :) 

The rules of the challenge are to Brush your teeth twice a day (morning and evening) for at least 2 minutes each time for 14 days! the other rule is that you should enjoy yourself and keep eating and drinking as normal.
 After using the toothpaste for the first time I couldnt believe the difference in my teeth. The toothpaste was like an exfoliating polish for your teeth I dont ever remember them feeling so smooth even after a professional clean! I was also so surprised to have such  a difference be made after just one use this made me instantly excited for the trial. Over the course of the trial my teeth retained the initial smoothness and definitely feel cleaner after every brush. I also noticed a difference in how fresh my mouth stayed it was a kind of freshness that i had previously needed to combine toothpaste with mouthwash to achieve. 
I have definitely noticed a difference in the staining on my teeth too my teeth were fairly white to start with but there is a clear difference in the before and after. I will post the after selfie and I will post another with the two in same frame for easy comparison the before will be on the top.
Have you tried the clinomyn challenge? Leave me a comment below. 

My before and after before is top! 
My mr's before and after before on top! 


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