Friday, 22 August 2014

Ipanema Flip Flops

Hi everyone
welcome to my very first fashion post I decided recently that I would like to expand to fashion and lifestyle posts and this one has come at a time when i've just been accepted as an etailpr  blogger woo!
I have decided that my first post will be about Ipanema flip flops.

I love these flip flops these particular ones have been on my feet for two whole summers and have not only traveled most of Ireland but also Portugal and Lanzarote. They are incredible value for money as you can see they still look almost brand new after two full summers!

I'm drawn to the designs that the sole of the flip flop has and the delicate straps.
the sole is really sturdy but also really flexible. They are so comfy and you dont get the cuts between your toes with these that you normally get from wearing flip flops as the rubber is softer.
On top of all of this they are so pretty!

Im currently lusting after these Gisele Bundchen Sunshine Beige Flip Flops.
I think they would be perfect for evenings out in the sun!

I hope you have enjoyed my first fashion post I will be hopefully doing many more!
Let me know in the comments x


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