Monday, 15 September 2014

Younique 3D fiber lashes

If your anything like me you will have noticed the bombardment on twitter and Instagram lately of this new make up brand Younique. So when Rachael sent me some products to try I was really intrigued to see what all of the fuss was about. I was sent Moodstruck 3D fiber lashes. 

My very first impressions of this were how fancy the fiber lashes kit was packaged. It comes in a hard case really like a sunglasses case lined with suede with the younique logo on both outside and inside. I have been cursed with short, straight, blonde, sparse eyelashes and anyone who reads my blog regularly know that Im fussy about eyelash products. I was eager to try this because the pictures I had seen were of these mega eyelashes, now from past experience I knew not to expect this as the mega lashes are probably the result on those who already have mega eyelashes on their own. 
I figured the best way for me to review this was trying It out lots and including lots of before and after pics.

So this is a two part kit you need to add your own mascara to this so the two parts that you do get are transplanting gel and natural fibres. 
You then need to follow these steps to get the look. One of the tips is to do one eye at a time rather than trying to do both. 
  1. Apply your mascara on both eyes and let dry.
  2. Apply an even coat of transplanting gel on lashes
  3. immediately before gel dries apply fibers onto lashes
  4. Seal fibers with another coat of transplanting gel. 

This was my first time using fibres on my eyelashes and I have to say I am a fan I didnt think that the difference would be quite as noticable on my lashes as It is, and I do have to admit that regular mascara just dosnt have the same appeal after using this. The first time I used It I did have a lot of the fibres fall onto my cheeks but Ive since read this is from putting on too much fibres oops and It was fine on the other tries. This will definitely be a go to product for me for special occasions that I previously would have worn false lashes for.

Younique will be opening in UK on October 1st for Presenters (sellers) and will open for customers on November 1st. Ive been told that there is amazing opportunities for those who do want to become presenters, for customers the 3D fiber lashes retails at £23. 
If you are unable to wait for the two months you can buy from Rachel with a delivery charge of £6.95.
If you do want to buy or want information about becoming a presenter or would just like some more info about the rest of the products that Younique have to offer contact Rachel on or

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