Thursday, 11 September 2014

Santaverde Brand new range Introduction

Hello everyone hope your all doing good. Today I'm introducing a new range age protect from brand Santaverde that will be released for sale on September 22nd. I have not tried any of these products yet so this post is purely informational. 
Santaverde is a 100% natural skincare made with 100% active ingredients with NO water. They eliminate the water by replacing it with an aloe vera base, but not just any base they combine pure aloe vera juice with the nectar from aloe vera blossom which when processed is said to produce an anti oxidant elixir. Essential oils are then blended with this base to create their products. 
There are four products in the Santaverde age protect range. 
Age Protection Toner £32
Aloe vera base blended with rockrose leaves & extract. This toner is said to provide optimal care for hyperpigmentation. 

Age Protection Facial Oil £38
Thistle seeds, argan fruit & evening primrose oil are combined with aloe vera to create this oil. I've been really loving facial oils lately and really recommend that everyone includes one into their skincare routine. 

Age Protect Boost £38
This is a concentrated care product aimed to re-balance stressed skin when a 10 day course is followed. 

Age Protect Moisturiser £46
Hylauronic acid & root extracts are blended with aloe base to create this moisturiser. 

I love the look of the packaging it's very simple but appears very high end to me. 
These products will be available from Harvey Nichols in the Uk and Ireland 
And from their own website 


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