Monday, 29 September 2014

Beautiful Irish Brands: Aurora Band

Hi Everyone, Welcome to todays Beautiful Irish Brands which today has the spotlight on the Aurora Band. 

The Aurora Band is the creation of Lindsey Byrne a hairdresser and salon owner from Dublin. Lindsey was trying to find an alternative to a daily curly blow dry, she had seen other people achieve this type of look by wrapping their hair around a hairband. (Dont try this Lindsey has assured me that this was an absolute disaster! )but it was through this disaster that the Aurora Band was born. Lindsey knew that the idea was right but the execution ( a thin hairband) was wrong. Together with her partner Alex she set about DIYing the first Aurora band with some foam combined with the velcro from rollers. I absolutely love the ingenuity of this idea I think It is amazing inventing! 
Lindsey then roped in another family member in the form of her aunt who made the first prototypes of the Aurora Band!
Lindsey took her creation onto Dragons Den earlier this year which is where I first saw the Aurora Band. She received the backing of Gavin Duffy and has now taken the Aurora Band Nationwide. It is available in Pharmacies Nationwide. RRP €12.99
As always with my posts in this series I have reviewed the band myself, Thanks to Lindsey for sending me one to trial. 
The Aurora Band is very simple to put into your hair, you part it at the back and wrap it around the band in sections. They give you a tip to leave space at the back for unwinding and you really should follow that tip.Once the band is in all you need to do is sleep in it. Its fairly comfortable to sleep with it in as it is padded all the way around. To remove it you start from the back and unwind the hair. 
Once your hair is unwound It takes a minute to settle after being pulled from the velcro. Mine then looked like this.

I was pretty happy with this result as the picture shows! I will however keep trying to improve with it as I did find that the every time I used it was a little better than the last. 
I have naturally mad curly frizzy hair and so I did tame it a little with a straightener before I used It as the band will not smooth your roots. 

Have you tried the Aurora Band yet?


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