Tuesday, 2 September 2014

My other love :Sparkle

Hey everyone hope your all good?
So I've been blogging for a while and I love beauty but I thought It was about time to introduce you to my other love Sparkly Blingy Jewelry!
Ive put together a few of my favourite bits for this post but let me assure you there is lots lots more where these came from.

Im going to tell you a little about each of these products and will go in a left to right and hope to not confuse anybody with it!

First up Is the crystal earrings from Pearls for Girls I bought these to wear at my engagement drinks 2 years ago. they are so simple and classy with that added sparkle that just catches peoples eye without being too in your face. these are really elegant and versatile and go good with hair up and down. Im not sure what price I paid I think they were about €30 will get you stockists ect.

Next up are my stud earrings for some daytime sparkle from Crystals and Co a lovely Irish company that I am a massive fan of. well of course I would be they sell lots and lots of sparkle. These are the baby peach crystal studs and retail at €16.00.
you can order online from

Next up is a lovely sparkly bracelet from Absolute jewellery design also an Irish brand.I love this bracelet It is really slinky and catches the light beautifully.  This bracelet I got as a gift from my husband (before he was my husband) you can find their stockists here

Next up are some new sparkly hair clips that I got from Claires Accessories these are perfect for adding a bit of bling if your outfit dosnt permit too much. these retail at €8.95.

Last up are the 3 ball drop earrings from Crystals and Co. I wore these in March for my wedding. I wanted a statement pair of earrings that were also bridal. These were perfect for me! I wore a simple dress and no neck jewelry so they were the showpiece and tbh I was more excited about putting these on than my wedding dress!! These are also available from and retail for €72.

I hope you have enjoyed todays post Im still getting used to writing about things that are not beauty products so id love your feedback in the comments.
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