Thursday, 25 September 2014

Glamglow Sample Pack Review

A few weeks ago I found out from Zoe that Glamglow sell a sample pack! Ah excited much. I got straight onto their website and bought one for myself. Glamglow is one of the brands I always wanted to try so the sample pack was perfect for me.

The sample pack came with two samples each of Brightmud, Thirstymud, Youthmud and Supermud. 

I had heard so many amazing things about Supermud that I went straight for it. This is the coolest & most effective face masque I have ever used! It is completely magic and I now know why I was hearing all of the amazing things. You apply the mask and It dries in like a regular mud masque but that is when the amazingness happens you start to notice it getting darker in spots again this is actually the mud drawing out all of the impurities from your pores. I literally stood in front of the mirror the whole time watching this masque working. You wash It off after anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes I left mine on the 20 mins as It didnt get uncomfortably tight like regular mud masques do. The second sachet I used as a spot treatment the day before a wedding It made a gigantic spot on the back of my neck disappear in only 2 applications.I am most definitely purchasing the full size of this it is so worth Its price tag. I dont have oily skin but this completely cleared away all blackheads and made my skin so clear.


First thing I noticed when I opened this was how beautiful the smell was I loved It! I was excited about using this masque as Its aimed for dry/ dehydrated skin and that is me. This glides on really easily and felt really hydrating going on It was also really cooling and comfortable on my face. It says that you could wear this during a flight and that you can just leave it on until it completely soaks in. I left mine on for about an hour but here is where I made my boo boo. I washed the masque off with water and I was not happy with the results. My skin was slightly softer but felt drier than before I used the masque. I did read after that you should just wipe the masque off and I havent had time to use the second yet to see if there is a difference in outcome but I wasnt impressed with how my skin was after especially from such a pricey masque.


Next I tried BrightMud this is a masque for under your eyes. I had never used anything like this before so I was very intrigued by It and excited to see the outcome. The look of the product was a jelly with herbs/tea leaves It reminded me of one of them Knorr stock pots!! I know Its probably not the look you want but Ive put worse looking things on my face. It says to tap on an even layer under eyes and leave on for 3 minutes then wipe off with a soft tissue.
When I applied first there was a mild stinging and It was a little uncomfortable on but I wasnt sure If that was me having an adverse reaction or If this was meant to happen. This stinging did ease off a minute or two after I wiped away the masque. My eyes felt very refreshed and definitely looked brighter after using.


This masque is called a tinglexfoliate and wow does It tingle! I applied this and after about two minutes It really started to tingle. It is a mud masque and dries fairly quickly. The ingredients of this masque are french sea clay, green tea leaf and eh volcanic rock! So you leave this on for 10 minutes then clean it off with water using circular motions. I found It a little hard to get off so I used a face cloth. This was like the SuperMud it cleared out my pores a little and I could see it on masque before I removed It. after removing my skin was so clear and so so soft. I really liked this masque a lovely treat!

I had so much fun testing all of these glamglow samples this kit is such a great idea for anyone who wants to try without committing to full size. I bought this from the glamglow website and It was £17.00. My favourite was definitely SuperMud.
Have you tried any Glamglow products? Which is your favourite let me know in the comments.


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