Monday, 15 September 2014

My Chelle Skincare Review

My Chelle is a Dermaceutical skincare range that was founded in 2000. Its focus is to produce non toxic skincare that is also as eco-friendly as possible. My Chelle is part of PETAS list of Cruelty free companies and is also partnered with the WILD foundation with the aim of preserving wildlife. 
My Chelle offer a special 6 point skin analysis scan which shows the condition of your skin, you can also get a follow up scan to show how well their products are working on your skin. This scan is free and is a testament to how sure they are that their products will work for you that they are willing to show you proof in the form of this free before and after scan. 
I recieved the following products as pr samples for review 

Incredible Pumpkin Peel 
When using this product the quote 'no pain no gain' came to my mind! I absolutely hated the smell of this and really didnt want to put this on my face but in the interest of being a good blogger I held my nose and did it!
The colour was a pumpkin orange colour sort of a brown orange. So you use a thin layer on your face and leave it on for 1-3 minutes before washing off with cool water. So this was when the pumpkin peel changed for me. Once I had It on my face the smell dramatically lessened in its potency and It felt really comfortable on my face. It had said on the box that tingling was common but I didnt experience any but I did do the recommended patch test before using on my face.
After using my skin felt really clean and there was a huge difference in how smooth and soft my skin was especially in the two days that followed. I will use this again as the results are definitely worth bearing through the smell for 3 minutes. 

Remarkable Retinal Serum
First off the colour of this serum is a very strong luminous yellow which I was at first a bit nervous about using in case It stained my face that colour, but do not panic It wont ( well It didn't) It absorbs into skin easily and gives a really healthy glow. I have been testing for 2 weeks and It has really firmed up my skin and although I havent noticed a big difference in my wrinkles I can see how It would improve them from using long term. I love how healthy my skin looks after use and I have found myself going without makeup most days! 

Have you tried any MyChelle Products yet? It is available in Clerys and House of Fraser. 

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