Thursday, 11 September 2014

My Quest for Old Hollywood Hair

Hi everyone todays post is all hair related.
 Ive been on the quest to make my hair look like old hollywood movie star hair which I love and so over the last few weeks Ive been trying lots of different techniques to try to get this.
Some of these were really funny so I figured Id snap a few pics and share it with you!
Let me start off by telling you that I am still on my quest none of the methods that I have tried here worked for me so I suppose its a bit of a what not to do If trying to get old hollywood style hair.

First up I tried Bantu Curls which were reccommended to me by another blogger I hadnt heard of these before so there was a bit of googling involved before I could start. So basically Its like tying your hair into lots of little buns to get curls.

This definitely gave my hair volume but I didnt get the sleek curl that I was looking for from this method. So It was a bit of a fail, but definitely an experience!

Next up I tried my  Hot Rollers. I have a love hate relationship with these they only work for me sometimes and Im not sure why. When they do work my hair looks amazing but when they dont It is limp and disappointing. I dont like how unreliable they are or my skills at using them more like.

On this occasion they failed to impress and all I ended up with was limp hair filled with hairspray and even with all that hairspray the curl that I did have fell out after about 20 minutes.

The closest that I actually got to my hair looking decent was me straightening it and sweeping to the side but again it's not what I'm looking for. 

I'd love for you to leave me your tips in the comments for now I continue my quest!! 


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