Friday, 31 March 2017

Brand Spotlight : Catrice

I've been trying a few bits out from Catrice lately and have been so impressed that I went on a bit of a splurge and bought almost everything they make except of course for the really cool looking gel cushion eyeliner which I don't seem to be able to get anywhere! 
I'm focusing on just a small amount of what I bought today  I just couldn't post about it all and I didn't choose favourites just grabbed what was first to hand. I have the HD foundation but have it ear marked for another post and the other bits might feature at some point too. 

First up the prime & fine tub, this is a mousse type primer that really reminds me of the clarins perfecting touch which was the first primer I ever owned. It evens out my skin and acts like a filler in my wrinkles giving me a lovely smooth surface to start with. This was € 5.49

Next I got the make up lightening drops I haven't used these extensively yet but picked them up because I have a double wear that's a shade too dark. They lightened it great but changed the texture slightly so not sure if that would impact on the application but for €3.95 it's a brilliant way to avoid throwing away product. I had wanted to try the darkening too but they were out of stock. 

I've always used the camouflage concealer in the little tub from Catrice so I wanted to give the liquid camouflage a try. I absolutely love it, it's managed to get the same coverage as the tub with a great liquid texture that lets your foundation go on really easy over and it's only € 3.95

I got the precision brow pencil after seeing it on lovely girly bits snapchat. It's so teeny I can't believe how thin it is and it does a fantastic job at filling in brows. It's  going to be a staple for me and I am already onto my second one retails at € 2.99

No haul is complete without lipstick. Catrice are well on trend with these ombré lipsticks I got them in shade rockabilly rosewood and not expired yet  . The rockabily rosewood is really wearable for everyday and the not expired yet is a really dramatic pop of colour for an occasion. Retailing at €5.50 

Well done Catrice really good quality at such bargain prices I'm definitely hooked! 

I ordered all my Catrice products from Inish Pharmacy and they came so quickly and no delivery charge because I spent over €40 (I think) also got a 5% discount which popped up while I was shopping. 

No samples in post. 


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