Tuesday, 28 March 2017

All about Base : BellaPierre Mineral Foundation

I've been really obsessed with foundation lately and creating the perfect Base so what better way to channel than a new series exploring all about Base! First up one I wasn't overly farmiliar with
mineral foundation I had to do it right and go 100% natural , non drying and no fillers or any ingredients bulking out the product. I'd recently heard that Bare Minerals had changed their formula on some of their products to include a higher level of talc and that avid users were finding this really drying and not agreeing with their skin.
With all of these requirements in mind there is literally no other choice than BellaPierre Mineral makeup. It is 100% natural with no talc ( this dries out your skin ) or no bismouth (a filler used to bulk out foundation). In fact it has only 4 ingredients Mica  , iron oxide,  zinc oxide titanium dioxide these minerals are all naturally occurring and are some of the main ingredients of suncare and so your skin is naturally protected from sun damage.
I've used a couple of mineral foundations before and they were fine. I found they gave light coverage and so on a really good skin day I could wear it and it would even out my skin and be fine to go outside with. I did find they dried my skin a bit and my lines showed pretty quick looking especially deep in my forehead.
I was pleasantly surprised when I tried the Bella Pierre for the first time the density of it was much different to any of the mineral foundations I had tried and instead of a powdery look the powder just melted into my skin.
The coverage is also something I wasn't expecting and I kind of fell in love after I put it on it's a medium to full coverage but looks and feels so natural and easy.
You can build the product really easy and it dosnt get cakey on your skin.  You can also reapply during the day without looking patchy. I found I could get about 4.5/5 hours wear before I noticed a little wear around my chin and nose and so needed to reapply.  I didn't try this yet with any primer as I didn't want to pair it with anything that wasn't natural I was afraid I'd change the results and point of it. I'd imagine it would last longer with one though.

 I've been following the biofresh (distributor in Ireland) snapchat and they emphasise how your skin  heals under this foundation. I don't have especially bad skin but I did find that the texture improved and lines on my forehead didn't appear as deep. It certainly didn't look dry at any point of me wearing it and in fact it's pretty flawless looking the entire time.
The foundation is so natural and gentle you can wear it immediately after skin treatments and to cover up acne.
It's a loose powder foundation and so is a little more time consuming than regular foundation to apply  because I'm a mama to a small lunatic boy I don't have huge amounts of time in the morning I've only been wearing it on my days off or when I've gotten up a bit earlier , there is a compact version of this foundation and I'm really tempted to try this one out as aside from the slightly longer application time  it really is the perfect daytime foundation for me.
Foundation retails  at € 34.99. The unique formulation states that one pot can last you a full year so this is a serious bargain price if it lasts that long!

You can purchase direct from their website

I have also tried a shimmery bronzer and lipstick from BellaPierre and found these just as impressive.

Along with the make up I've just tried a few samples of the skincare from Biofresh.
Long time readers will remember a series I used to do back in 2014 called Beautiful Irish Brands
Where I did a bio and review of Irish brands ( and girl bosses) breaking into the beauty industry.
I featured among others Waxperts, Holos, Nia skincare etc I'm looking into bringing this back and Catherine from Biofresh is a perfect candidate so stay tuned and hopefully will have a standalone post covering her and Biofresh skincare.

Some of the products mentioned in the post were PR samples.

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