Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Rebalancing after pregnancy : part 2 haircare!

If you have read part 1 of this series (thanks for visiting again!) you will know that after baby my skin shrivelled and dried up like old fruit and the very same thing happened to my head! 
When baba was about 3 months all of the gorgeous thick hair I had accumulated during my pregnancy began falling out in giant clumps , I heard this happened but holy crap I could of made 2 extra wigs with what came out in the first week. At the same time I got really bad dry scalp and a really sensitive scalp so the usual head & shoulders suddenly burned my scalp so was way too harsh to use. So began my looooong search for a cure. I tried so many different shampoos over the last few months before I found this combo that's been doing the job for me. 
First up is this fantastically scientific offering from Bioderma node ds+ €13.50

I apologise for this photo my before ones that I always take have disappeared ! 
This is an intense shampoo formulated specifically to eliminate dandruff whilst still being really gentle. 
So how this works is for the first 3 weeks you use this 3 times per week and thereafter 1/2 times per week depending on how you feel you need it. To use you leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing off , the massive bonus for me with this was how soft it made my hair it was like using a really good conditioning treatment the second you start to rinse hair feels so silky. I used a kerastase treatment in the run up to my wedding and it was really similar to the results there. 
So back to the main purpose! By week 3 my dry flaky can't leave the house it's so bad scalp was finally cleared! Once I switched to the once a week use I started using

  Tresemme luxurious moisture think I got on offer for about €5 

shampoo for the in between washes this has been great as it dosnt bring the dry scalp back which others did plus it's just a great easy use shampoo. 
Next up in the series I'll talk about all the new make up I had to buy too (lol) 

This post contained a mix of pr samples and ones I purchased myself. 

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