Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Rebalancing after pregnancy :part one skincare

 Baby sparkle is now 8 months old and thankfully he now has a full bill of health. I'm not sure if it's the norm or if it's because I had a really difficult time after but my body just went crazy in particular my skin and hair. It took me about 6 months of trialing different products to finally get the right balance again, I am still searching for the right exfoliator to finish the routine so I'd love for you to comment with any reccomendations. 

I kept reading so much about a double cleanse I figured it would be a good place to start so I use 
Blumain organics cleansing oil

This is lovely as it's really gentle and adds moisture rather than taking away like most cleansers. This also has the added bonus of being completely natural. 
Rrp: €19.95

Followed by 
NIA cleansing balm 

This is a little touch of luxury for daily routine it comes in a fab tin with cloths included. You apply onto face with sticks provided( I couldn't get hang so used my fingers!) it feels lovely on leaves a really nice softness and again isn't drying at all. 
Rrp: €19.95

For toner I have been using 
Lotion yonka 

I absolutely love this it's pure luxury but really good value for money as the bottle goes very far. Just a little spritz adds lovely glow to your face and keeps it from drying. It smells amazing too a definite favorite that will be repurchased for many years to come. 
Rrp: €30.50

 For moisturiser and this little treasure from NeoStrata 

Its a really moisturising really comfortable cream and like it says on the tin it really does restore! 
My skin before was deeply lined, greyish looking and plagued with flaky patches around my nose, chin, hairline and brows. Even thinking back makes me shudder. 
My skin after is a lot more youthful looking its softer and holds moisture in a huge leap forward from the dehydrated mess I started with! 
Rrp: €46.95 40g 

As I said I'm still on the hunt for the right exfoliator as the ones I have always used are way too harsh for me now. 

Did your skin totally change with pregnancy? Let me know in comments x 

This post features pr samples. 

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