Friday, 27 June 2014


Hi and welcome to my new blog sparkle blossom beauty!
Ill start by telling you just a little about me.
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My name is Clare I am 28 (since last week) and recently married and have a gorgeous golden labrador that completes the family. I love beauty products of any kind when I am around them I am like a magpie to a shiny thing! I'm constantly buying new stuff so i definitely have a good stock to get me started on the reviews.
along with beauty products i have two more weaknesses, earrings and wool! i know its slightly random but im completely addicted to knitting and will constantly have a project going at the moment its a patchwork blanket for the winter. my other love earrings i think depending on type it can completely change a look e.g. the same outfit and make up will look completely different worn with pearl studs compared to beaded statement earrings!

I will be giving my honest review of products on this blog and all opinions are my own.
my first review will be up very soon and will be a post on de-stressing (face + body) and will include these products.
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 one of which is my desert island must have product, can you guess which one it is?
follow me on twitter and watch this space for the first review.

clare xx

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