Monday, 30 June 2014

Mane n Tail #shareyourhair

Back in April Mane n Tail otherwise known as 'the horse shampoo people' were tweeting about hair selfies under the #shareyourhair. The idea was that you sent them a tweet of a hair selfie and a brief description of your hair type and they would very promptly reply to you with a personal product recommendation. I'm always looking for anything to make my hair look good as it can be a bit wild!
so I tweeted my pic along with my description and I short while later I received my recommendation.

I was advised to use Herbal essence shampoo along with deep moisturising conditioner.
I was originally a bit hesitant at the idea of using the herbal essence shampoo which I had read was great for oily roots on my already dry scalp but I was assured that the shampoo contains olive oil and so would balance the PH in my scalp meaning that it would not dry out my roots.
And so the trial began!

so before I started my hair was frizzy, dry, pretty damaged on bottom because I had been growing it forever for my wedding.
I love the smell (I have a thing about smells!) of the shampoo, and the consistency of both products is good and you can tell instantly you don't need to use as much as with other products which instantly makes it better value for money speaking of they set me back just 8.95 each.
It took about two weeks of me using the product before I saw a difference in my hair but wow what a difference it was.
My hair wasn't a big frizz ball anymore it was definitely a lot sleeker than what id been living with and was getting healthier looking with every wash, it also developed a really nice shine :)

I love how clean my hair feels from using this shampoo and I really cant get over how healthy it was looking!
one of my favourite things about this shampoo is the way it actually thickens your hair and helps with growth ( I'm trying to convince my hubby to use it on his bald patches!!)
the deep moisturising conditioner that I use can also double as a hair masque, you just put it in and wrap your hair in a towel and leave for about 20 minutes, it really works and is as good as any luxury hair masque I've ever used.

So in conclusion after a total of 3 months only 2 bottles of shampoo & conditioner a haircut and a week in the sun and sea my hair is the healthiest I've ever had it :) its soft, frizz free clean, thick and most important really healthy. I have found my perfect shampoo & conditioner and will be sticking with these ones.
I'd recommend for everyone to #shareyourhair and find your perfect match.


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