Friday, 7 April 2017

Wet n Wild 1 step wonder gel polish.

Spring is in full swing now  and it makes me want to paint my nails lovely bright colours. I got these polishes as a sample a few months ago but never got around to using them until now. They are a gel polish that only needs 1 step no lamp or no top coat. The blue "periwinkle of an eye" is a similar colour to Essie bikini so teeny and Sally Hansen sugar fix which I had just taken off my nails so I went for the pink shade "Missy in Pink ". 

I built up the polish to 3 layers but I'd say I would have gotten away with 2. 
First impressions were the colour was vibrant with the gel like shine, it's a complete  barbie doll shade of pink so so girly! 
I also thought it's the closest I've ever gotten to salon shellac or gel polish at home. You know when you get shellac it feels like part of your nail rather than a layer of polish on top like when you normally paint your nails , well this polish feels like that like it's just your nail it's so thin on my nail that I can scrape my other nails on one and it dosnt even chip a little bit. 
To be honest I was expecting it to be good because I've seen some good reviews about it in the past but I really wasn't expecting it to be that good. I've had my pink on for a week now with plenty of washing hands, nappy changes, etc in other words not being very easy on them. It's got no chips at all and the colour is still really vibrant! I've read that it can last up to two weeks and the way mine is going I'll definitely get that it seems like a polish that if left to its devices would Wear away rather than chip.
The polishes are also only €2.95 each that's a massive budget bargain and means you can get all of them ( like I already did with the wet n wild megalast lipsticks) ⬅️Which are also amazing btw! 
I usually buy Wet n Wild from Dunne's Stores but if anyone wants to know any other stockists I can find out. 

I kind of can't believe these were sitting here all along unused it's like a sin, I'm excited to try periwinkle of an eye next I have a huge soft spot for those shades of blue as I wore Essie bikini so teeny as my something blue for my wedding 💙 

In conclusion the polish wears like a salon gel nail, lasts at least a week and is a total bargain! 

This post contains PR samples. 

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